How to Prepare for a Cross-Country Move in 7 Easy Steps

Preparing for a cross-country move?

Wondering how to best prepare for the trip?

Moving across the country can be an exciting thing, but it can also come with a lot of complications. It can be very stressful getting ready for the move and trying to get all of your belongings from Point A to Point B.

Luckily, we’re here for you. Below we’ll tell you everything you need to know about preparing for a cross-country move, all in 7 easy steps.

1. Give Yourself Time

The critical thing to do in preparation for your move is to start early. If you can, make sure that you have plenty of extra time for your move.

Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to get everything packed up and to plan the logistics of your moving day.

Ideally, you should start the packing and planning process eight weeks before the move. This will give you plenty of time for each of the following steps. It will also allow you to feel a lot calmer and level-headed throughout the entire moving process.

2. Stay Organized

You may or may not be an organized person in your day-to-day life. However, when it comes to preparing for a cross-country move, you can’t afford to leave it all up to chance.

You need to have a plan, and you should create a checklist. Be detailed with your moving schedule, creating a day-to-day and week-by-week to-do list.

Be thorough with your checklist and ensure that you’re not leaving anything off of the list. Then, ensure that you’re crossing everything off as the big moving day approaches.

When it comes time for the big moving day, you’ll be happy you didn’t leave anything out, and you won’t be scrambling to complete a task you forgot the day before the move.

3. Start Cleaning

While it may seem a bit counter-intuitive, it’s a great idea to clean up your house or apartment before the big move. Make sure that everything is spotless and clean.

Cleaning beforehand will help because you’ll be able to assess better where everything is in your home. You’ll be able to visualize your space and determine what should come with you during the move and what should be eliminated.

Additionally, once it does become time to start packing boxes, you’ll also have a lot cleaner space to work in.

4. Get Rid of Everything You Can

A big move is a perfect time to declutter.

Find a way to get rid of anything you don’t need. It may be time to part with some of your unnecessary tools, kitchenware, and junk you’ve been keeping around your home for too long. Be vicious with it and get rid of as much as possible.

The less stuff that is going with you from Point A to Point B the better off you’ll be and the easier the move will go.

5. Pack It Well

Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you possibly can, it’s time to start packing up your stuff.

First, it’s important that you invest in some durable boxes and pack everything as safely as you can. Durable boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper will help to protect your belongings during the move and will make sure that nothing breaks or gets damaged during your home transition.

You should also label all of your boxes. This will help you know where everything is.

Create a box for important papers and documents such as birth certificates, insurance policies, passports, medical records, and auto registration documents. Place these important documents in a specially marked box

Also, designate an essentials box. Place items you will need right away in this box. It could include medicines, toilet paper, soap, paper towels, basic cleaning supplies, paper plates, utensils, cups, chargers, and necessary tools.

6. Decide on Your Moving Method

Of course, you also need to decide on how you’re actually going to get all of your stuff to your new home. There are several options to consider.

You may choose to pack and move everything with your own vehicle and drive it across the country. However, if you have large furniture that you’re taking with you or a large amount of stuff, this can be difficult.

Depending on your vehicle, it may not all fit, and you’ll have to take several trips.

You may also choose to rent a moving truck or vehicle. This may allow you to get everything all in one load even if you have big furniture items to take with you.

Finally, you can also hire professional movers. Professional movers will be able to get all of your belongings across the country for you, taking the weight off your shoulders.

The final option is, of course, the easiest. However, be sure to compare different professional moving companies to find the best deal for you.

7. Get Moving

Now that you’ve taken care of all of the above steps, it’s now time for the big move.

If you’re doing the move yourself, you’ll need to plan your logistics carefully. Consider the gas costs and which routes you’ll be taking. You’ll also need to be sure to stay safe and avoid injuries when carrying large boxes.

If you’ve hired professional movers, on the other hand, then all of the important moving tasks will be taken care of for you. You’ll simply need to either fly or drive to your new home.

It’s important to stay calm when your moving day rolls around, so it’s often the best choice to hire professionals to help you with the move.

Stress-Free Cross-Country Move

By following the steps above, you’ll have an easy time, and you’ll make sure that your cross-country move is as painless of an experience as possible.

It can be stressful to make a big move, but with the right plan and professional movers on your side, it doesn’t have to be.

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9 Signs You’re Officially a New York Resident

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as a New York resident, you are one of 8,537,673 people. Whether you are one of the several hundred thousand people coming and going every year or whether you have lived in New York for a lifetime you are a New Yorker.

A New York resident has specific characteristics that make them stand out from the crowds. If you are a New Yorker, you can’t be confused with tourists or visitors. There’s something about life in the Big Apple that makes you unique.

Here are nine signs that you are a New Yorker.

Living in a Box

New York may seem to be vast but relative to its population it’s small. With so many people crammed into New York, the building solution has been to go up into the sky. Every scrap of real estate is turned to use.

As a result, you probably live in a small space. You can reach your bathroom from your bed in a couple of strides. You have multipurpose rooms so living space may also be sleeping space and may even be cooking space too.

You have an innovative approach to home decor. Storage solutions are super creative, and you know how to declutter. Your apartment defies scientific logic in that the internal space seems bigger than the external space.

You can prepare dinner for four on a counter the size of a postage stamp. You serve it to your guests sat variously on a couch, cushions and the floor.

You Don’t Drive

Perhaps you never learned to drive. If you did learn to drive, you have forgotten how to do it now. You ask people “How is owning a car a good idea in New York?”

So you walk and use public transport or a cab. This means you have become hypersensitive to sidewalk etiquette. More than two people walking side by side on the sidewalk is just not right.

You have developed a half walking, half running technique for negotiating crowds and dodging confused tourists. You always get to your destination much earlier than Google says you can walk it.

Coffee Culture

No New Yorker resident can resist a cup of coffee. Street vendors distract you on your way to work or class. At other times you have your favorite cup of joe to go to.

You are open to trying the latest new venture in the independent artisan coffee world. It matters to you where the beans came from and how the coffee is made.

Pizza Life

You treat having a pizza delivered to your 5th-floor apartment as common sense rather than amazing. You know just where to get the “best” pizza. You’ll argue your pizza preference beats all comers.

Citi Bikes

You either love or hate Citi Bikes. There’s no middle ground.

Of course, they are good for the environment, but if you love them, it’s because they have a handy basket up front. If you hate them, it’s because they take up even more space in this crowded city. The racks take up three parking spaces!

Subway Savvy

You have subway savvy developed by long hard-won experience. This is a body of knowledge that allows you to make the best use of your primary form of transport. This knowledge includes the following.

You don’t take the High Line to admire the view, but you do use it to avoid the traffic. You never use an empty subway car because – you just know better!

You have a sixth sense that allows you to find the subway exit nearest your destination. You have a technique for swiping your MetroCard on the first attempt and look down on anybody who has to swipe two or more times.

You never get off the subway at Times Square because it’s a tourist hotspot. Stay on the subway until you are at least a block away.

Cab Cunning

Visitors can regularly be seen trying to hail cabs with no light on. A New York resident knows where to stand (just off the sidewalk), how to hail and knows not to hail a cab with the “off duty” light on. You know never even to try hailing a cab between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

It’s All About Comfort

Shoes have to be comfortable and durable. You walk miles in all weather conditions. Heels and style are all very good in their place, but that isn’t on the street in New York.

You’ve decided that all food tastes best when consumed while wearing sweatpants. You’ve taken comfort eating to the level of an art form.

You have cold weather comfort nailed with layering as your most effective strategy. Hats and scarves are not just for fun but function. Warm weather comfort is achieved by selecting almost weightless clothing.

You Know About Value

You know the “Pay what you wish” days at the galleries and museums. You may appreciate a particular gallery, but you’re happy to have tourists finance it.

You have a favorite brunch location that combines value and quality. Your knowledge of authentic and cheap ethnic food outlets is impressive. You know that the premium-priced coffee you’re sipping is worth every cent.

Business as Usual

Visitors to New York are excited when they chance across a movie filming in the street. They hope to get a glance of Spiderman or a Hollywood star. For you, this is just another hitch on your journey from A to B.

You’re a New York Resident

The New York skyline is on countless posters, advertisements and is undeniably iconic. Many non-New Yorkers can pick out landmarks and key buildings. To some, it stands for glamour, excitement or success.

You know you are a New York resident when what it means to you is, you’re home.

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The Ultimate Guide to Springtime in New York

If you are moving to the New York City area, you already know about all of the fantastic cultural offerings this metropolis has to offer. But don’t forget the city’s natural beauty as well! Springtime in New York is a magical season when so many natural wonders come back to life.

As the weather warms up,  visit some of these famous as well as lesser-known attractions in the New York City region. They will help you appreciate your new home and all New York has to offer throughout the year.

1. Central Park

If you have recently moved to New York City, you may be slightly overwhelmed by everything there is to do! You may be unpacking boxes, figuring out schools and parking, and learning the subway system.

Luckily, a tranquil oasis exists in the center of the city: Central Park! This historic landmark is easily accessible from almost anywhere in the City, and it’s worth a visit to walk, unwind and breathe the spring air.

Whether you visit the zoo, take a tour, grab a bite at one of its restaurants or merely observe people walking by, a visit to Central Park is the perfect way to appreciate your new home in the Big Apple.

2. Bronx Zoo

What better place to welcome springtime in New York than the Bronx Zoo? One of the City’s top attractions, the Zoo has become even more famous since its animals and keepers have been featured on Animal Planet’s show “The Zoo.”

Easy to get to by subway or car, the Zoo during springtime is a glorious way to enjoy a wide variety of wildlife from all over the world.

One of the most fun things about visiting the Zoo during the spring months is seeing some of the adorable animal babies born at this time of year!

3. Botanical Gardens

Close to the Bronx Zoo is another gem in the City’s crown: The New York Botanical Gardens. Considered a living museum, the Gardens are a National Historic Landmark.

The landscapes of this treasure feature diverse and extensive collections and gardens. Numerous multidisciplinary exhibitions and programs are offered every season.

In the spring, the Gardens present the annual Orchid Show which showcases thousands of dramatically displayed orchids in a series of installations crafted by Daniel Ost, one of the world’s leading floral artists. This show is beloved by city natives and tourists alike, making it one of the glories of springtime in New York!

4. The Cloisters

One secret delight of springtime in New York is the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to the art, architecture, and gardens of medieval Europe.

Located at the tip of Manhattan with amazing views of the Hudson River and New Jersey, the museum displays more than 2,000 exceptional artworks and architectural elements from medieval times.

When the cold eases, and the gardens begin to bloom, the Cloisters is a peaceful part of New York that seems removed from all the hustle and bustle of modern times.

5. Coney Island

When the winter wind stops blowing, and the sun finally comes out, many people want to head to the beach! New York is close to many beautiful seaside spots, but Coney Island may be the most iconic.

Home to Famous Nathan’s hot dogs and the historic wooden Cyclone roller coaster, the Coney Island boardwalk is great for people watching, breathing the salty sea air, and getting a true sense of New York City’s diversity and eccentricity. Venture a little farther, and you will find Little Odessa, a little bit of Russia in Brooklyn.

6. Catskills Region

Springtime in New York means it’s time for a road trip: by renting a Zipcar you can discover some of the exciting regions within a couple of hours drive of the big city.

The Catskills Mountains were once home to large resort hotels like the one made famous in the movie “Dirty Dancing.” Some may know the area from the famous Woodstock music festival.

Many New Yorkers flock to this region all year round for the tranquil surroundings, locally sourced food and artistic villages. While the wintertime welcomes skiers and snowboarders, the mountains are perfect for fishing, hiking, and hunting during the warmer months.

7. Montauk

Long Island is another mecca for New Yorkers seeking a break from the City. While the south fork of the island known as the Hamptons has gotten very popular (and expensive), the very tip of this stretch of land still offers the windswept views and fabulous seafood that draw visitors from around the world.

Taking a drive out to the end of Long Island will give you a glimpse of the incredible light that has attracted artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning for decades.

Make sure you leave time for a lobster roll at the famous Lobster Shack on Montauk Highway.

8. Brooklyn’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Late April brings another favorite for springtime in New York: the cherry blossom festival in Brooklyn’s Botanical Garden.

The event known as Sakura Matsuri offers over 60 happenings and performances that celebrate traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. The festival celebrates the Japanese cultural tradition of enjoying each moment of the cherry blossom season.

The first cherry trees blossom around the same time that the daffodils bloom. Different species of these trees are planted to flower in succession, giving springtime visitors several opportunities to enjoy the spectacle.

9. Frieze New York, Randall’s Island

May brings one of the most eagerly anticipated art fairs in New York: Frieze, taking place under a massive tent on Randall’s Island. Take a ferry across the East River to view some of the scene’s hottest artists.

Frieze New York brings together art from the world’s leading modern and contemporary galleries with talks by leading authorities and lots of great food as well.

10. Tribeca Film Festival

Springtime in New York also means it is time for the Tribeca Film festival!

Actor Robert DeNiro founded the Festival after 9/11 as a way to bring life and hope back to the neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.

The Festival is now famous for its showing of independent films including documentaries, narrative features, and shorts, plus panel discussions with personalities in the entertainment world, music showcases, and awards.

Springtime in New York: Everything Comes Alive!

If you have just moved or are thinking of moving to New York, then congratulations! You are going to have an incredible adventure. Whether you are in the suburbs or the middle of the city, there are so many events and areas to explore.

If you need help on moving to the New York area, contact us.

10 Best Children’s Museums on Long Island

Museums in America receive around 850 million visits each year. They are not only entertaining but also educational for people of all ages. Approximately 55 million of those visits come from school groups. But your child doesn’t have to wait for a class trip to find an entertaining and educational museum to visit.

If you’re new to the Long Island area, you might be overwhelmed by the over 100 museums you can visit here. You’re probably wondering which museums are best for your children.

We’ve got you covered, not only can our award-winning service help make your move to Long Island easier, but we can give you some hometown advice.

Here is a list of the ten best children’s museums on Long Island.

1. Old Bethpage Village Restoration

This museum offers you and your children a living history experience through the re-creation of a typical 19th century Long Island Village.

The museum consists of 36 different buildings on 209 acres of land representing the historical period from 1660 to 1875. Staff wearing 19th-century costumes interact with visitors and display authentic period activities such as weaving and hat-making. All this will ensure you and your children get a firsthand look at what life on Long Island was like in the 19th century.

2. The Long Island Children’s Museum

If you’re talking about which children’s museums on Long Island to visit, The Long Island Children’s Museum always makes the list.

The museum offers your children the chance to explore, play, and create with 14 interactive exhibits. You and your children can make giant bubbles, view live animal habitats or visit the community gallery to see the artwork of local schoolchildren. And if those exhibits don’t keep the kids entertained, there is also live theater, art spaces, and a variety of daily activities for both you and your children to engage in.

3. Garvies Point Museum and Preserve

As a natural history museum, Garvies offers your children educational activities relating to the natural history of Long Island.

The museum allows children to see original archaeological artifacts and geological specimens while learning about Long Island’s outdoor environment. Also, the museum offers a variety of educational and cultural seminars which will allow you and your children to learn about the local Native American culture.

4. Cradle of Aviation Museum

You and your child’s imaginations will soar as you learn about aviation history from the beginning of flight through the space age.

This museum has eight galleries with over 75 air and spacecraft to explore. The museum also offers access to a planetarium and dome movie theater.

And while you’re there, you can visit Nunley’s vintage carousel and take a ride on the beautifully restored historic carousel.

5. Maritime Explorium

If you’re visiting children’s museums on Long Island, you’ll want to make sure you learn about the region’s rich maritime history. The Explorium will inform and entertain you and your children with the museum’s interactive exhibits.

This is a hands-on experience for you and your children with lots of fun activities to engage in. Activities are constantly changing and range from building a water filtration system to creating a Leprechaun trap. Your children can also test their skills as they pilot a virtual ship around Port Jefferson Harbor while learning about the history of the harbor.

6. Heckscher Museum of Art

This museum offers the opportunity not just to see art, but also to create it. The museum’s art collection of over 2,500 pieces of art focuses on Western art with an emphasis on 19th and 20th-century art.

Visitors can create digital art and take selfie photos using props and backdrops inspired by the exhibits. There is also the opportunity for you and your children to create your own drawings and paintings.

7. Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium

Set on the historic estate of William K. Vanderbilt II, the museum contains exhibits on natural history, maritime history, and a planetarium. While you’re there, be sure to visit the historic mansion and explore the life of the Vanderbilt family from the Jazz Age through the Second World War.

During the summer there are also outdoor concerts and theatrical performances.

8. Railroad Museum of Long Island

This museum is a great find for those searching for children’s museums on Long Island to learn about the history of railroads in the area,

You and your children can take a ride through history by climbing aboard historic trains and seeing what train travel was like in the past.

No visit would be complete without a ride on the Long Island Rail Road miniature park train.

9. Children’s Museum of the East End

Designed for children of all ages this museum offers activities for infants, toddlers, and older children. Hands-on exhibits encourage your children to engage in activities that help them learn. Indoor and outdoor play areas give your children a place to move and interact. There is also an art room to let your children make their own creations.

Theatrical performances and mini-golf let you and your children get outside during warmer weather, making this one of the children’s museums on Long Island that you won’t want to miss.

10. Nassau County Museum of Art

While this museum may appear to be like any other art museum, it offers programs specifically for you and your children.

After a tour of the galleries for inspiration, you can attend hands-on programs to create your own art. The programs range from drawing and painting to building art out of various materials. The museum grounds have seven nature trails which will allow you to take your children for a hike and explore the surrounding nature.

We Can Help You Enjoy the Children’s Museums on Long Island.

Before you can enjoy all the great museums on Long Island, you need to first move into your new place.

Our experienced and dedicated team is here to help make sure that move goes smoothly so you and your children can begin exploring all that Long Island has to offer.

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An Insider’s Guide to the Best Festivals in New York

New York City has broken its own tourism records for eight years running, and it’s little wonder why.

The Big Apple is a melting pot of culture, art, history, and personality. Festivals in New York reflect the same diversity, providing hubs for creativity, inclusivity, and some of the best cultural experiences in the world.

But with so many events taking place year-round, it can be hard to nail down your New York festival schedule. This is particularly true if you’ve just moved into the area.

Here’s your insider guide to the best festivals in New York.

Tribeca Film Festival

Founded in 2002 by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro, and Craig Hatkoff, the Tribeca Film Festival has played a key part in restoring the vitality of the Tribeca neighborhood following the events of 9/11.

As well as a vibrant film lineup the festival features panel discussions, a music lounge, and an artists’ awards program.

If you consider yourself a film buff, this is the festival for you.

Ninth Avenue Food Festival

The Ninth Avenue Food Festival is one of New York’s oldest and largest continuing food festivals. Its focus is on promoting Hell’s Kitchen locals. Bar Bacon, City Sandwich, and Poseidon Bakery are just a few of the regular vendors on hand.

Along with an array of different drinks and cuisines, the festival also features live entertainment. Dinner with a show has never sounded so good!

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, this is sure to be one of your favorite festivals in New York.

Battery Dance Festival

The Battery Dance Festival is New York’s longest-running free public dance festival. Established in 1982 by Battery Dance, today the festival attracts a combined audience of over 12,000 people.

Every year exceptional local dancers and choreographers present their own original works. They do so alongside professional companies from Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and Africa.

The festival emphasizes inclusion and diversity, making it a great way to experience the multicultural spirit of the city.

New York City Wine & Food Festival

Every October New York City plays host to a weekend-long eating and drinking extravaganza.

Whether you’re an avid foodie or an occasional Instagrammer, this festival has something for everyone. Chef demos, walk-around tastings, and sit-down dinners are just a few of the events offered.

Afropunk Festival

For two days in August, Afropunk Festival descends on Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn.

This is an annual festival that celebrates black arts culture through music, film, skate, and art. Check out music acts, see the live artwork, and celebrate arts genres that reflect African-American culture.

Since its inception in 2005, Afropunk has gone global, attracting more than 90,000 patrons worldwide. Afropunk Brooklyn is where it all started making it not only one of the best festivals in New York, but also one of the most historic.

Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park tops just about every list of great free things to do in New York City and for a good reason. There’s nothing quite like seeing Bard’s plays come to life against the natural splendor of Central Park.

Produced by the Public Theater, Shakespeare in the Park offers large-scale productions of William Shakespeare plays to the public, free of charge.

A spectacle in their own right, the plays also often feature internationally renowned actors. Casts have included Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and John Lithgow to name a few.

Museum Mile Festival

For one day a year, the museums along Museum Mile open their doors for free to over 50,000 attendees.

Initially started to encourage new museum audiences and to support the arts during the 1970s fiscal crisis, the Museum Mile Festival has since become renowned the world over. Thousands of tourists make the trip to attend the festival every year.

Along with the museums themselves, the festival also takes over 5th Avenue. The street is closed off to traffic and lined with live performances, art, and entertainment.

Summer Stage

Summer Stage is a series of performances running from June to August across all five boroughs of New York.

Stage plays, concerts, performance art, and more, Summer Stage is one of New York’s largest and most lively arts festivals.

This is also the festival that spawns festivals. The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival runs within the main festival and features boundary-pushing contemporary Jazz talent over four days.

The Metropolitan Opera Summer Recital Series also falls under the Summer Stage umbrella. It features a series of arias and duets from a selection of operas performed across a variety of stages.

Celebrate Brooklyn!

Celebrate Brooklyn! is one of New York’s longest-running outdoor performing arts festivals. If your hectic schedule only allows for one festival experience per year make it this one.

Celebrate Brooklyn! kicked off in 1979 as a way to revitalize Prospect Park. Today it attracts upwards of 250,000 attendees and plays host to the best local talent in Brooklyn.

The music ranges from classical to alt-rock; jazz to hip-hop. If you’re a music aficionado of any kind, then Celebrate Brooklyn! is your Mecca.

The Best of New York

New York is a city full of culture, talent, and diversity. Whether you’re a foodie, a music-lover, an artist, or a theatre nerd, New York’s festival scene has something for everyone.

Hitting up any of the festivals on this list is sure to have New York taking up space in your heart in no time.

Have you recently moved to Long Island or are planning to move to the area? Check out these classic fairs and festivals your whole family will love.

8 Budget-Friendly Activities in NYC for the Whole Family

Over 60 million people visited NYC last year. Were you one of them? Or are you one of many wondering if a trip to the big apple with children would be worth it?

A bustling city can seem like a daunting place to take your family, but New York holds a wealth of opportunities for any family.

Have you officially made travel arrangements for NYC, but wondering how exactly to fill your time? Maybe you and your family are relocating for a job opportunity and wondering how to find fun things to do?

You are in the right place. Keep reading for eight activities in NYC that are family-friendly, and that won’t break the bank.

1. Museum Outings

Many museums in NYC come with a suggested donation for entry, but if you have more than one child and money is tight, feel free to pay what works for you.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an excellent place to start. Whether your family is into Egyptian art or Medieval knights, there is something for you.

Be sure to do some online research; most museums will have at least a few hours a week where entry is completely free.

2. Governor’s Island

If the weather is right, consider taking a trip to Governor’s Island. It is located in Upper New York Bay and is free apart from the cost of a ferry ride.

Governor’s Island makes for a great picnic location, so consider bringing your favorite finger sandwiches and beverages.

If you want to avoid lugging around food baskets while keeping track of your children, don’t worry. There are also multiple food trucks on the island.

If you want to visit other New York Islands, you need to take a trip to Long Island. While slightly away from the hustle and bustle of other activities in NYC, there are many activities appropriate for families.

Consider checking out one of the many fairs and festivals on the island.

3. Central Park

You can’t visit NYC without exploring Central Park. There is a reason over 40 million people visit it each year.

No matter what season it is, the park is beautiful and full of things to explore. Visiting the Central Park Zoo costs money, but checking out the Alice in Wonderland sculpture is free.

Be sure to make your way to Belvedere Castle to snap some great family photos. For a small fee, you can rent a rowboat to enjoy the water too.

4. Coney Island

Hop on the subway and make your way to famous Coney Island for some additional spring through fall activities in NYC. Enjoy 50 separate amusement rides and attractions. If you visit Coney Island during the summer, pack your bathing suits and go for a refreshing swim.

Looking for something a little more thrilling? Check out the roller coasters at Luna Park or visit the Aquarium. The Aquarium provides an exciting family outing that is very educational and is open year round.

If you have a little one with a big interest in the sea, The Aquarium is something you can’t miss.

5. Visit the High Line

This attraction might not be something for families with very small children, but if you have children a little older, taking a stroll along the High Line is an excellent way to experience New York. The High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side and features iconic contemporary landscape architecture.

During the summer, wildflowers are blooming and there will likely be tons of birds out and about. If you have young children, try making a game out of it. Printout images of common birds and have them look around for them.

The High Line offers walkers some of the best views of NYC.

6. The Statue of Liberty

Taking a trip to the Statue of Liberty is a great thing to add to your itinerary of activities in NYC. Climbing up to the crown as a family will be a memory for a long time to come.

If you are worried about the climb, it actually is not that difficult. There are 393 steps, which can usually be conquered in about ten minutes. Be sure to charge your camera; you will not want to miss the view from the top.

Buy tickets in advance because typically they sell out. It can be difficult to get tickets if you just walk up on that day.

If you choose not to climb to the top of the statue, there are still other activities on Liberty Island. For example, there is a guided audio tour for kids that is narrated by an eagle!

7. Check Out Times Square

If you have younger children, you may shy away from visiting Times Square, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Kids of all ages will enjoy Times Square activities in NYC.

Some popular spots to hit include The Disney Store and M&M World at 48th Street. The latter includes furniture made out of candy and a 17-foot Statue of Liberty made out of green M&M’s.

For a fun bite to eat, stop by Juniors. It is a very family-friendly restaurant where you can find their famous cheesecake, but also delicious burgers and salads.

8. Broadway Shows

If you are trying to find activities in NYC that won’t cost a fortune, you may think Broadway shows are out of reach. You would be surprised to learn there are ways to see great shows at an affordable price.

Shop around on websites that provide discounts for tickets. Many of these work by discounting tickets for day-of performances. So while you can’t plan ahead, being a little flexible could allow you to see an amazing performance.

Consider family favorites like The Lion King, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Wicked.

Time to Choose Your Favorite Activities in NYC

As illustrated, there are numerous family-friendly activities for even the smallest of budgets. No matter where in the city you may be visiting or even moving, you will find something to do.

Are you making the final arrangements to move to the city, but have some remaining questions? Please contact us, and we would be happy to help you on your new journey.


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Long Island

While Long Island has long been associated with traffic-logged expressways, the cold pizza slice and the Cheesecake Factory, there is so much more to it.

The 118-mile island includes the boroughs of both Brooklyn and Queens, and extends to a gorgeous coastline, rolling farmlands and wineries aplenty.

In this case, it’s no wonder the Long Island food scene is one to be explored, with an incredible array of restaurant options begging to be sampled.

If you’re looking to try some of the top restaurants on Long Island, this guide outlines it all for you.

Eat Your Heart Out at These Restaurants in Long Island

The Long Island food scene has turned a corner in recent years, slowly improving upon tired, old favorite chain restaurants.

Today, Long Island boasts a heady assortment of eateries, ranging from bistros, steakhouses, fine dining establishments, and cafes – you name it!

Sink your teeth into some of these top restaurants on Long Island.

1. Sandbar

Located in the center of Cold Spring Harbor, Sandbar is the brainchild of chef and owner Guy Reuge.

With its smart-casual yacht-club feel, this eatery offers up some of the finest seafood in Long Island. Local produce takes center stage, with a rotating farm-to-table menu featuring American food with a French flair.

Menu items to try: the signature pork chop and Long Island clam chowder.

2. Waterzooi

Take a trip to Garden City and be sure to stop in at Waterzooi, a buzzing mainstay which has been in operation for close to 20 years!

There’s a good reason Waterzooi is considered one of the best restaurants in Long Island two words: Moules Frites.

This menu staple is available in a dozen broth variations and is a consistent crowd pleaser, with hand-cut fries to keep you coming back for more.

Other menu items to try: the Wellington burger, fresh Brussels waffle, and the traditional Belgian beer.

3. Tallulah’s

If you’re looking for an on-trend eatery with a clear focus on both food presentation and divine fresh produce, Tallulah’s is the ticket.

Based in Bay Shore, Tullulah’s is one of New York’s top destination for great food and fantastic drinks.

It must have something to do with its beautifully fresh seasonal menu, al fresco dining (with seemingly unlimited seating!), killer cocktails and beer selection.

Menu items to try: the mac and cheese, their selection of dry-aged meats or a fresh seafood dish.

4. South Shore Dive

If you haven’t stopped by this quirky, lively spot in West Sayville, you don’t know what you’re missing!

South Shore Dive is a combination of a dive bar and trendy gastropub, which produces interesting, yet delicious, gastropub fare.

Aside from its stellar menu selection, the eatery’s beer and cocktail list are what keep locals, and non-locals, coming back for more!

Menu items to try: the duck hotdog, homemade tater tots, and the classic Sarah Jessica Parker cocktail.

5. The Flour Shoppe Cafe

If you’re looking for a charming eatery which serves up equally charming breakfast options, then The Flour Shoppe Cafe in Rockville Centre is not to be missed!

What started out as a bakery, The Flour Shoppe Cafe has been converted into a cozy cafe which serves some of the best breakfasts, lunches, and dinners on Long Island.

Adopting a farm-to-table approach by using only fresh, local produce from suppliers such as Stumptown Coffee and Satur Farms, expect delectable food.

Menu items to try: the fried breakfast poutine, the Florentine tartine, the homemade granola and any of their freshly baked goods.

6. Off The Block

Meat lovers, this one’s for you. Off the Block, located in Sayville, is a beautiful marriage of Stephen Rizzo’s very own butcher shop and restaurant.

If you’re a true meat snob, then Off the Block is a real treat. Here, you’re able to choose your own cut of meat and have it personally prepared for you, in-house.

The restaurant also features a great selection of locally produced beers, ales, and teas, including the Great South Bay Blood Orange pale ale.

Menu items to try: The apple-glazed Brussel sprouts with bacon bits, the 5-Cut Burger with hand-cut French fries.

7. Grotta Di Fuoco

What’s a list of best restaurants in Long Island without featuring an Italian eatery? Enter, Grotta Di Fuoco.

Located in Long Beach, Andrew Alotti has made it his mission to absolutely nail all the Italian dishes closest to your heart.

With a great selection of classic dishes, prepared to perfection with only the freshest ingredients, Grotta Di Fuoco is a true Italian treat.

Wood-fired pizzas are a staple on the menu, while the cocktails and desserts will not disappoint!

Menu items to try: the charred octopus, homemade veal cheek ravioli, and baked cannelloni.

8. Salumi

At first, Salumi may appear unassuming, but its worth its weight in gold when it comes to its incredible tapas and wine selection.

Located in Massapequa, Salumi is laid-back, friendly and served by some incredibly knowledgeable staff who are happy to help with your tapas selection.

At Salumi you have the chance to slow down, take a load off, and eat at your leisure.

Create your own meat and cheese board from the vast selection of Spanish and French spread of meats and cheeses, or gorge yourself on freshly made tapas.

Menu items to try: the famed pork belly bocadillo, the braised oxtail, and freshly made empanadas.

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New York Sightseeing Tips All New Residents Should Know

The Big Apple is a beautiful and diverse place. It’s no wonder why, then, with an estimated population of 8.6 million as of 2016, that it’s the largest city in the entire United States. Just think about how many people must move to the city every day!

If you’re a new resident, congratulations, and welcome! There are a few things you should probably know if you’ve just moved to the Big City.

Below are some top New York sightseeing tips that every new resident of New York must know.

1. Invest in an Unlimited MetroCard

From day one.

Invest in a MetroCard as soon as you’ve settled in. You’re going to need it.

New Yorkers consider the subway the most efficient and cost-effective way to get around the city. The MetroCard is your pass for New York City’s subway and bus system. Choose from 7-day unlimited or 30-day unlimited passes. Children 44 inches tall and under ride for free when accompanied by a fare-paying adult.

2. Bring a Bag

And an even bigger one than you think you’ll need. When you’re spending time doing some serious New York sightseeing, you’re going to be out of the house for a long time. And that’s good!

However, it’s important to be prepared.

You never know when it’s going to rain, how long it’ll be before your phone dies, or if you’ll get hungry or need some hydration. Pack a bag with an umbrella, phone charger, some snacks, water, etc. After all, it’s better to be over-prepared than underprepared.

3. If You Need Them, Ask for Directions

By nature, New Yorkers are in a rush, and it might seem a little intimidating to ask for help. But if you find yourself lost in New York, don’t be afraid to ask for directions.

New Yorkers, though they may be in a hurry to get somewhere, are friendly, and will likely help you find your way.

4. Figure out Where the Good Bathrooms Are

Even if you’re not doing any New York sightseeing, you’ll have to go eventually. Make your life easier and better by figuring out where the best public restrooms are in advance of leaving the house. Just head over to NY Restroom, for help locating restrooms.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes.

Do your feet a favor and wear comfortable shoes. They’ll thank you, and you will have an all-around better experience.

Wear shoes that feel good the second you put them on. You will spend many hours on your feet in a single day even if you are taking taxis and public transportation. You need shoes that can stand up to the daily demands.

6. Want to Get Through a Crowd with Ease? Try the Long Gaze.

If you’re trying to see all of the sights the Big Apple has to offer, you should expect crowds. Whether it’s the Statue of Liberty or Times Square, prepare for people.

You don’t have to let the sea of people swallow you whole, however. Here’s a useful tip: Master the long gaze.

When you’re in a crowd and want to move through as quickly as possible, focus your eyes on one spot at least 50 feet ahead of you. Don’t let the spot go as you walk, and you’ll cut through the crowd with the greatest of ease.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun with Your New York Sightseeing

You may be a resident now, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be a tourist in your own city sometimes.

It’s incredible when you realize you can live somewhere for years and not have seen any of the famous landmarks or sights. While you won’t want to be a tourist all of the time, seeing the sights can be a great way to get acquainted with the city.

And if you consider our tips, your New York sightseeing ventures will go much more smoothly.

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Creative Gift Ideas That Will Wow Your New Neighbors

You did it.

You have moved.

It may have been stressful, but you did it.

The movers have unpacked your stuff, and you’re starting to feel better.


You realize you don’t know a single soul within 10 miles of you.

Time to meet the new neighbors. Do you feel excited? Nervous? You probably feel both.

So, if you’ve just moved and you find that you are now the new family in the neighborhood, don’t forget to make a good first impression! Check out these creative gift ideas for neighbors that will help you break the ice.

Creative Gift Ideas for Neighbors

A new neighborhood means a lot of new unknowns.

What will the neighbors be like? Any kids? Any pets that could potentially keep you up at night? Will they be your new friends? Will they want to come over and BBQ? Will they invite your kids to their birthday parties?

When you are new in a neighborhood, these questions may be swirling around your head. The only way to feel comfortable again is to reach out and meet those who live around you.

One of the easiest gift ideas for neighbors is themed gift baskets. Themed baskets make the gift look very well put together. (Even if you don’t feel put together, and haven’t had time to think since you started packing.)

Family Gift Baskets

Start with a small wire basket or decorative tin and fill with any of these fun and easy ideas.

  1. Coffee themed gift basket. Everyone needs something to wake them up in the mornings. This is why we love coffee.

Go to the nearest Starbucks and get a variety of coffee blends. Complete with some fun coffee mugs and creamer.

  1. Movie night gift basket. Most people now either download movies or watch them on Netflix.

But, you could provide the popcorn and treats. Fill the gift basket with your favorite brand of popcorn, some fun popcorn bowls for the family, and a new soft blanket to cuddle up in. And don’t forget the Junior Mints.

  1. Cookie themed gift basket. Everyone loves homemade cookies, but not everyone always has the ingredients to make them.

Make it easy and provide all the ingredients for your favorite cookies, along with your favorite recipe.

  1. Favorite things gift basket. This is a great way to introduce your family.

Let each family member pick our their favorite thing. It could be a treat, a chapstick, a drink, or even a little toy. Anything goes.

Then write a note for each item telling your new neighbors who picked it. Your neighbors will get a good idea of who is in your family and what they like.

Seasonal Gift Baskets

Seasonal gift baskets are a fun way to keep things fresh.

  1. Summer gift basket. If you move-in during the Summer months, consider a pitcher filled with fresh lemons and some new drinking glasses.

You could even throw in some sunscreen and fun sunglasses for the kids.

  1. Winter gift basket. If you happen to move closer to the winter holidays, maybe some hot chocolate mix along with marshmallows and holiday mugs would do the trick.

Once you fill your gift basket with whatever themed objects you choose, finish the look by wrapping cellophane around it and tying the top with a bow.

Simple Thoughtful Gifts

Don’t want to seem over the top? Here are some simple gift ideas for neighbors that will still help start the conversation when you knock on their door.

  1. Favorite famous recipe. Were you known in your last neighborhood for something special? Maybe it was your famous fudge brownies or your grandmother’s chicken soup.

Whatever is your specialty, make up a batch and share it with the neighbors. In all likelihood, you’ll be famous for it again in no time.

  1. Pancake mix in a jar. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

You can find easy examples of pancake mix in a jar all over the internet. So, help make their breakfast run a little smoother by giving some ready-made pancakes.

Because everyone loves pancakes for breakfast, but let’s be honest, no one has time to make them.

  1. Oven mitt with cooking utensils. This is such an easy gift idea that takes no time or overthinking.

Go to the nearest store and buy an oven mitt and some new cooking utensils such as a large mixing spoon, slotted spoon, spatula, and whisks. Place the utensils in the oven mitt.

It may seem too practical, but these items are used every day and rarely get replaced.

Non-food Gifts

Ever feel like gifts revolve around food? Want to try something different? Here are two thoughtful gifts that can’t be eaten. (Well, at least we wouldn’t recommend it.)

  1. Bath bombs. Give the ultimate gift of relaxation.

Giving a gift meant just for the parents of the house shows you know what they really want: a few minutes alone.

When you give a gift that shows you understand how hard it is to run a house, and how rare a moment of silence is, you will make an instant bond of friendship and understanding.

All parents need to know they are in the same boat. It’s always nice when you can relate to your neighbors.

  1. Coffee table book from where you moved. Where did you live before? Did you love it? Are there aspects of your previous home that you are proud of?

Share the places you love with your new neighbors by finding a book that showcases your favorite things from your previous location.

A book highlighting your previous location will help them understand you and your family.

And everyone loves learning about new places, especially from a pretty book on their coffee table.

Meeting the Neighbors

Meeting the new neighbors can be nerve-wracking and intimidating. But be brave and take the first step. You’ll look prepared and on top of things when you show up armed with one of these gift ideas for neighbors.

No matter how big or small your move is, no matter what questions you may have, or how big of a mess you need to clean up, we’re here to help.

We can make any move less stressful and easier for you. Contact us today!