How Far in Advance Should You Book a Moving Company?

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Moving to a new home can be challenging and finding a reliable moving company can also be if you plan to relocate during the peak season. This prompts people to ask how far in advance you should book a moving company and when is the best time to move.

Specialists from Liberty Moving & Storage understand these challenges, offering custom solutions to ensure your move becomes hassle-free. We provide residential and commercial moving options so you can get the best relocation experience.

In this guide, we’ll cover why you should book early, the factors to consider, and how far in advance to book a moving company. Answering these questions will help you plan every necessary detail and anticipate potential problems.

How Far in Advance Should You Book a Moving Company?

Best practice dictates that homeowners and businesses should book a move around two months in advance from your goal date. This time can give you enough time to prepare for all the details of your planned relocation. However, it would be best if you also considered several factors, such as the size of the move, time of the year, and the distance you need to cover when determining how far in advance to book a moving company.

Planning Timeline and Advantages of Staying Ahead

Moving to a new location can be a complex process. Early planning is vital to ensuring a smooth transition into your new area. Preparing well in advance lets you identify particular challenges beforehand. It also provides several crucial advantages:

  • More Available Moving Companies: One of the primary reasons for early planning is securing the services of a reliable moving company ahead of time. Moving companies often have busy schedules, especially during peak moving seasons. By booking early, you increase your chances of getting the company you want on the date that works best for you.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling: Early planning gives you more flexibility in moving dates. You can pick a day and time that aligns with your schedule, which can be particularly advantageous if you have specific preferences or requirements.
  • Reduced Stress: Last-minute decisions only add to the stress of moving. Early planning allows you to tackle tasks one step at a time, reducing the burden on moving days.
  • Cost Savings: Booking a moving company well in advance can often lead to cost savings. You may be eligible for discounts or have access to better deals, especially if you’re moving during the off-peak season.

Sample Moving Timeline

The following is an example of a timeline for moving to a new home. It assumes that you plan to move around three months from the current date:

8-12 Weeks Before the Move

Start your planning by creating a moving checklist. Research moving companies, request quotes, and decide the most suitable one for your needs. Begin decluttering your home and organizing your belongings.

6-8 Weeks Before the Move

Notify your current and future utility providers of your move. Begin packing non-essential items and rooms you use less frequently.

4-6 Weeks Before the Move

Continue packing, focusing on more essential items. Label your boxes carefully and keep an inventory of your possessions. Notify important parties, such as schools, doctors, and government offices, about your change of address.

2-4 Weeks Before the Move

Finalize arrangements with the moving company, confirm dates, and discuss any specialized services you require. Make travel arrangements for yourself and your family if necessary. Finish packing and prepare an essentials box with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival at your new home.

1-2 Weeks Before the Move

Disassemble furniture and prepare appliances for the move. Ensure that all items are packed and ready to go. Perform a final walk-through of your current home to check for anything left behind.

On Moving Day

Stay organized and work closely with the moving company to ensure a smooth transition. Keep important documents, valuables, and essentials with you during the move.

Note that this is only a sample schedule. Work closely with your moving company to have a tailored moving plan for your home or business.

Factors Affecting Booking Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to booking a reliable moving company. It is important to remember that these businesses cater to many clients, especially during peak season. Several factors can influence how well these companies can accommodate your requests:

1. Time of Year

Summer is the peak moving season, so expect high demand and higher prices, so it is best to book early. On the other hand, the off-peak season also has its perks. Moving during winter months can mean lower costs and easier scheduling.

2. Location

Urban moves often require more lead time due to traffic, parking, and city regulations. On the other hand, cross-country moves demand advanced planning for logistics and coordination.

3. Size of Your Move

The scale of your move matters. Bigger moves need more time for packing and logistics. Notify moving companies of specialty items like a piano or antique collection, which require special packaging. Considering these factors, you can pinpoint the perfect time to book your moving company and ensure a hassle-free transition to your new home.

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