Warehouse Moving Case Studies

Case Study

The Smith Haven Mall Makeover

The Location

Smith Haven Shopping Mall
Lake Grove, NY 11755

The Challenge

Warehouse, Deliver and Install Over 500 Pieces of Furniture and Fixtures Throughout a 1,000 Ft. Area in a Recently Renovated Mall.

Liberty Moving and Storage was contracted by DM Braun, a leading manufacturer of public space furniture, to warehouse, distribute and install 500 pcs. of new lounge furniture (granite coffee tables, couches, food court tables, planters, etc..) Due to ongoing renovations and upcoming events at the mall, Smith Haven executives wanted the entire project accomplished in one night and in place for mall visitors the next day.

To make matters even more interesting, there was only one accessible entrance point for all the pieces to be brought in and every piece had a pre-determined install point within the 1,000 ft. corridors of the mall. As items came off the truck they needed to be uncrated, sorted and transported to exact placement points in an assembly line fashion. Finally, the shipment contained delicate granite table tops that needed to be carefully handled and installed to their bases on site. All of this needed to be completed in one night.

The Outside the Box Solution

The key to success with pulling this project off was in researching the products coming in prior to the delivery and analyzing the mall layout. When you have a massive influx of product coming in at once, you need to know dimensions of each piece, how it’s packaged and the proper way to handle it and install it. The Liberty move team requested architectural drawings from the design team two weeks prior to the delivery date. This way they were able to provide the optimal mix of manpower and equipment to handle the product.

Next, Liberty project managers worked with Smith Haven Management to create a plan to affix tags to the floor and the walls of mall corridors, representing the exact placement point of each piece of furniture. This ensured that crew members could take product off the truck and know the exact placement within the mall. No wandering around looking where to place items or waiting around for directions.

The Result

All lounge and food court furniture was placed properly and safely in time for the mall opening on Saturday morning.

Warehousing & Distribution Case Study

American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP)

The Location

One Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY 10023

The Challenge

Warehousing, Delivery and Installation of New Furniture for 600 people ASCAP presented Liberty Moving and Storage Senior Project Manager Vinny Miano with a unique challenge: Relocate over 600 people on 3 floors of One Lincoln Plaza in 30 phases involving internal moves, new carpet, new interior renovations and new furniture. Pull this off without sacrificing productivity for ASCAP staff.

The Outside the Box Solution

Liberty PM Miano created a plan to create a move schedule/new furniture delivery program that incorporated the activities of the key vendors involved in the project: moving company, furniture installation company, IT vendor, telecom vendor, carpet company and electrician. .A detailed schedule was created to do 25 shifts of 30 people over a 9 month period. Each week was made up of a detailed schedule of activities for each vendor to accomplish:

Thursday Morning
Liberty tags boxes, IT equipment, etc.. of employees being moved to ensure items are placed properly the day of the move.

Thursday Afternoon
Staff pack up their personal contents into plastic crates (stocked in a back office on the floor).

Thursday Evening
Liberty relocates staff from work areas to temporary offices built in the cafeteria. IT vendor and computer vendor on site to reconnect computers, phones, printers, etc..

Friday Morning
Liberty sends a Post Move Team to assist staff with unpacking, removal of any debris and any other miscellaneous needs.

Friday Evening
Liberty sends crew to remove workstations from vacant area on floor and transport to disposal site. Liberty works hand in hand with carpenters and electricians on the removal of cubicle systems.

Monday Morning
Carpet company arrives to install new carpet in empty area.

Tuesday Evening
Liberty delivers new furniture (being stored in Liberty warehouse) and assists in assembly. Once again, coordinated with carpenters and electricians.

Wednesday Morning
Furniture company finishes installing cubicles and storage areas.

Thursday Evening
Liberty relocates staff from temporary space in cafeteria to their new work spaces.

Thursday Evening
After temporary space in cafeteria is empty, Liberty moves the next group out and starts the process all over again.

The Result

After 30 weeks of repeating the process, ASCAP had renovated its entire 3 floors without losing any productivity. The key to pulling it off was having one point of contact available 24/7 coordinating the diverse moving parts and paying attention to every detail.

Warehousing & Distribution Case Study

The Le Pain Quotidien Expansion

The Location

Multiple locations in NYC

The Challenge

Coordinating the new product warehousing and white glove deliveries of restaurant equipment into multiple stores from multiple manufacturers within very fluid project schedules. Adding to the challenge is the fact that each new LPQ location has very limited square footage to stage new equipment and move items around.

The Outside the Box Solution

Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ), also known as Het Dagelijks Brood in Belgium, is an international chain of Belgian bakeries and restaurants serving soup, salads, tartines, breakfast, homemade pastries and handmade organic bread—made with organic ingredients. The company was founded by Belgian chef Alain Coumont. The name Le Pain Quotidien is French for “Daily Bread”

The Liberty New Product Distribution Team worked with the equipment dealer, Hockenberg’s, to create a protocol for the receiving and distribution of new equipment to new LPQ stores.

  • Work with equipment dealer to prepare a new equipment order list to identify piece count, manufacturers, etc.. on orders that will be coming in
  • Receive, inspect and inventory shipments from 10-15 different equipment manufacturers
  • Prep selected equipment (ie- putting wheels on under counter refrigerators) at Liberty warehouse and deliver assembled to job site.
  • Coordinate delivery schedules with general contractor and LPQ project manager
  • White glove inside delivery to job site
  • Minor assembly of shelving and other equipment
  • Removal of debris from job site
The Result

Liberty has successfully executed 10 equipment roll outs to new LPQ restaurants in NYC, including new locations in Central Park, Battery Park, Bleeker St. and the Meatpacking district.

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