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Moving tips from Liberty Moving

Tips brought to you by United Van Lines and Liberty Moving & Storage

Here at Liberty Moving & Storage we are an agent for the number 1 mover in America, United Van Lines. We’ve narrowed down some of the most essential steps they provide on their “Moving Planner” in chronological order so you can read along and get ready to begin the process!

1. Decide on which local moving company to use, and schedule an in home estimate.

At Liberty we specialize in moves in the NYC and Long Island areas. You can reach us at 1-800-640-4487, and you can even schedule a virtual video estimate via your smartphone with us to save time. Find out more about video estimates here.

2. Book your move!

Once you receive and sign your estimate, it’s time to get some answers from your new move coordinator. You can ask them any questions you may have about the upcoming move.

3. Let service providers know you will be relocating.

Before you move, inform anyone who performs a professional service for you about your new home address. This includes doctors, lawyers, accountants and UPS Services.

4. Reduce all that clutter that’s holding you down.

Moving to a new place means new beginnings and change. Before your move, make sure you get rid of any junk or old furniture that you don’t need or want in the new place. You can have a garage sale or simply donate old items to charity.

5. Speak with your mover as your move date approaches.

If you were getting organized and you’ve just gotten rid of a few major items that were included in your original estimate, make sure to call your mover and let them know. Any and all changes should be addressed with the movers and you should make them aware ASAP of any additional stops you would like them to make on move day.

6. Let friends and family know about your move.

If you haven’t done so already, let those closest to you know about the upcoming move. They might need some time to let the information set in if you’re moving far away. They can also help you pack and lend a hand in the process!

7. Pack your belongings if you choose to do so yourself and prepare the house.

If you’ve decided that you want to do your own packing, you should start about 3 weeks prior to your move date. You will want to allow sufficient time to get everything organized so you aren’t forced to rush. Make sure to label boxes for an easier set up at the new house. This is also the time to dispose of any non-allowable items in the house that your movers are not allowed to move, such as flammables like aerosol cans (sorry, adios hairspray.)

8. Confirm travel plans for you and your pets.

If you or your furry friend will be traveling via airplane or other transportation that needs to be booked ahead of time, make sure you have everything set for move in day. You don’t want to be scrambling last minute to find a way to get to your new home.

9.Make sure to take care of any last minute details.

On the day before move day, make sure to unplug appliances and let your moving company know about any extra fragile items. Make a checklist of all the important things you have to do in your area to tie things up and get ready to be very responsive to a service representative!

10. Be ready for move day!

On the day of your move or loading, make sure you watch to see that all of your valuable items are loaded. You will have to fill out some paperwork, and you should make sure that before you leave that nothing is left behind!

To check out the full moving planner written by United Van Lines, click here.

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