Best Neighborhoods in NYC to Move to with Kids

Moving in NYC

When you become a parent the way you look at life shifts, and your priorities drastically change. So, it is no surprise that having a family and kids influences your priorities when looking for a place to settle down and raise your little ones. NYC might not seem like a city where you would want to live with your kids at first glance. However, there are plenty of neighborhoods that shield your children from the hustle and bustle that the city brings to the table. The best thing about New York City is that there are countless places that have everything that a family with kids needs. Put your explorer hat on and visit all our best neighborhoods to raise a family that NYC has to offer.

Best neighborhoods to raise a family in New York City 

NYC is made up of five individual boroughs and they are made up of countless amazing neighborhoods. In return, you get countless options. All these neighborhoods can provide a unique experience to you and your family. One thing they have in common are great schools. So, that is one thing you do not have to worry about. Before you choose, you should know what criteria influenced our suggestions.

What makes a neighborhood desirable for families 

Before we continue, here are some factors that helped us put together our best neighborhoods to raise a family list. Before you move with your kids, explore these factors:

  • Affordable housing options
  • Good public-school options
  • The walkability of the neighborhood
  • Amenities that you would like for your family – parks, museums, restaurants, stores, etc.
  • What kind of property you would like – apartment with a doorman, brownstone, house with a yard, etc.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

You might think that this neighborhood is only a good fit for young and hip working professionals. This cannot be further from the truth. Williamsburg is home to McCarren Park and many other great parks. It has a lot more open space than neighborhoods in Manhattan. Once you are done enjoying the outdoors and art venues with your kids, you can take them out to lunch. After all, Brooklyn is known to have some of the best pizza joints in NYC. So, believe it or not, this place is kid-friendly with lower prices of rent than in Manhattan. Also, once the kids are taken care of, you will have many grownup places to enjoy with your partner.

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn 

If you are looking for a great combination that embodies the vibes of the city and of the suburbs, you have just found it. Carroll Gardens are much calmer than other neighborhoods in Brooklyn which gives the residence the opportunity to slow down and relax after a long day. Also, if you were looking to live in a brownstone this neighborhood can’t get any better for you. There are many kids living there, which will give your kids the opportunity to make friends and bond. Playgrounds are all over the place and the school system is very impressive.

Battery Park City, Manhattan 

Even though it is a part of Manhattan, Battery Park is a great place for a family to settle in. For starters, it will be a great investment in your kids’ future since it is the home of the two well-known public schools: Stuyvesant High School and PS 276. When it comes to public schools, these can’t be easily beat. If you are lucky you might get the opportunity to snatch a property that has water views. That would be a real treat. It is the perfect getaway from the high pace of the city, that you can get away from without leaving it. Still, we must mention that living in this neighborhood has a hefty price tag attached to it.

Upper West Side, Manhattan 

Living in this area will never leave your family bored. First, there is the world-famous Central Park that can be enjoyed all year round. During the summertime, you can enjoy fun in the sun and picnics. During the wintertime, you can take your kids out and teach them how to ice skate. Of course, enjoying hot chocolate while you are at it is a must. When you are done with the outdoor activities you can hit all the museums that are in close proximity. Some of the best museums in NYC all located nearby. However, there’s one thing that we must emphasize. Living on the Upper West Side will burn a hole in your pocket. Nevertheless, it is worth every penny.

Astoria, Queens 

This place is one of the biggest gems of Queens. It is in close proximity to Manhattan, with lower costs of living. This will give you the opportunity to have a place that has much more needed space for you and your family. Altogether, this place gives you a chance to live a more suburban lifestyle. Diversity and great dining options make this neighborhood one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family. Your kids’ lives will be culturally enriched by bonding with other kids from different cultures and backgrounds. After learning all of this, how can you not start planning your upcoming NY relocation?

Riverdale, Bronx 

If you have a very large family and you need a lot of space, the Bronx just might be the perfect place for you. Since the rent prices are substantially lower than in Brooklyn and Manhattan, you can get a much larger place that is within your planned budget. Riverdale houses the Bronx Zoo and Cortlandt Park, thus you will never run out of activities to do with your little once.

What is right for you and your family? 

We can go on and on and provide you many more suggestions for the best neighborhoods to raise a family. Nevertheless, we are aware that one size doesn’t fit all. Every family has its individual likings and needs. So, sorry to break it to you, but this decision will have to fall on your shoulders and that is how it should be. Nobody knows your family better than you do, which makes you the perfect person for the job. Happy neighborhood hunting!


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