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We all know the excitement, thrill, and joy that comes from moving into a new home. But we also know the stress, packing boxes and goodbyes that accompany this journey.

There are so many things to remember when moving, so keeping a neat checklist will help you organize your stuff. For example, you should remember to disconnect your internet and phone lines to transfer them to the new address.

Also, make sure you have enough help for the actual moving day, especially if you have small kids, pets or parents to take care of. It’s also useful to make lists of the items you pack in each room, so you’ll know what goes where.

Keep reading to discover more useful tips to make your move easier and less stressful.

1. Print or Draw a Map of Your New Home

Having your entire home plan drawn out can help you organize yourself better.

You’ll be able to measure the rooms and see where you’ll put your furniture and if it’ll fit. You can also put notes to let the movers know which boxes go where.

Usually, movers charge additionally if you want to move boxes and things around. So having a solid pen-on-paper plan will help you organize your new home and remember where everything goes.

2. Start Sorting Through Your Things Early On

A great way to make your packing and moving process easier is to downsize on stuff. Many people are unaware of the number of things they own but don’t use. So when moving day comes, they have to drag them into the new house.

To avoid this, start sorting through your belongings, tackling one room at a time. Divide the items into three categories: keep, donate and throw away.

Pack the things you’ll keep into a box and put them away. Take the items for donation to a center nearby and throw the rest away.

3. Start Packing Well in Advance

Don’t wait until a week before the move to start packing. Do yourself a favor and start planning and organizing at least a month beforehand.

Start with the biggest rooms in the home and pack everything you won’t need in the next month or two. This includes home decor, seasonal items, books, winter equipment and furniture you’re not using.

If you can, transfer these items before the moving day to make it easier for everyone.

4. Make a List for Every Room

Make a list of the things to remember when moving for every room in the house. As you place stuff into boxes, write down all the items for that particular box on a piece of paper. Then, seal the box and label it appropriately.

For example, if you’re packing your kids’ rooms, write the child’s name and the general contents of the box, i.e. toys, books or bedding. Also, write down if the items are fragile to notify movers.

When you unpack into your new home, use the checklist to see if all the items are there.

5. Pack a Box of Essentials for Moving Day

Of all the things to remember when moving, packing a bag of essential items should top the list.

You’ll need access to clean clothes, pajamas, linens, towels, toiletries, and medications during the move. If you have small kids, place their favorite bowls and toys and if you have pets, pack some food and their leashes.

You can also add a small emergency kit, phone chargers, and water bottles.

When the entire house is filled with boxes, you don’t want to waste time rummaging through them to find what you need.

6. Check In With Your Moving Company

If you found a moving company, check in with them a few days before moving.

Moving days are hectic and with so many people running around, you need to make sure your movers are on schedule.

7. Arrange for Additional Help on Moving Day

If you’ve hired professional movers to handle your move, you’re all set. But it doesn’t hurt to have more help for cleaning, unpacking or just taking care of the kids and pets.

So gather your family and friends and let them know when you’re moving. Ask them if they could spare a day or two to help you out, even with small tasks.

And once you settle into the new home, you can make a big housewarming party to thank them for their efforts.

8. Change Your Address

One of the first things to remember when moving house is to report a change of address to important institutions.

You’ll need to notify your utility, phone and Internet providers, as well as banks, schools and medical professionals about your new address.

Then, inform the USPS about the new address so they can forward your mail to the new house. Remember to cancel or redirect any magazine subscriptions or monthly deliveries as well.

9. Arrange Redirecting of Your Phone and Internet Lines

If you want to keep the same Internet provider and phone operator, you’ll need to redirect the lines to your new home.

You can easily resolve this with a simple phone call or email to the company and let them know when you’d like the lines to be reinstalled.

It’s best to plan this before or after you move, rather than on the actual moving day.

10. Do a Final Check Before Leaving

When your old house is emptied and the movers have transported all the boxes, it’s time to make a final check.

First, go to the water, gas and electricity meters and write down the final reading. Then, go around the house and inspect every room. Make sure the windows are locked, faucets shut and appliances turned off. Check for forgotten items under beds and cabinets, and inside cupboards.

Then, go outside and check the garden, garage, and sheds. Leave the keys for the new owners at a visible spot.

Consider These Useful Things to Remember When Moving

Moving homes is never simple, but with the help of our tips, you can make this process easier for you and your family.

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