Neighborhood Spotlight: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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People looking for a diversity of cultural attractions in an up-and-coming location should consider Williamsburg on the west coast of Brooklyn. The popularity of this Brooklyn neighborhood has skyrocketed in the last decade, landing it squarely on the list of most exciting places to be in New York City.

How To Get Around Williamsburg Like A Local

Williamsburg boasts an eclectic mix of old and new. A recognized center of indie rock and visual artistry, the neighborhood boasts a number of historic buildings as well as several excellent examples of modern architecture. Williamsburg’s proximity to downtown NYC–a distance of just 3 miles–also makes it an attractive location for newcomers looking to take advantage of all the city has to offer.

Things to Do in Williamsburg: Brooklyn Flea, Smorgasburg and More

Residents never run short of things to do in Williamsburg. From the Brooklyn flea Williamsburg, which features 150 vendors every Sunday, to the vast variety of vintage shops and local festivals, Williamsburg is anything but boring. For example, the popular Northside Music Festival is a Brooklyn favorite showcasing indie music, film, and technology. In the summertime, the neighborhood is home to free outdoor movies and a massive food market known as Smorgasburg, open every Saturday.

Where to Eat: Williamsburg Bars and Restaurants

Williamsburg is a treasure trove for foodies looking to find the best local eats. Restaurants in Williamsburg include the Michelin-rated Delaware and Hudson, longstanding favorite Marlow & Sons, the experimental Traif, and the pre-prohibition style Rye, in addition to a variety of ethnic options. Likewise, Williamsburg bars are known for their variety, from the elegant Richardson to the salt-of-the-earth Levee.

Williamsburg Bridge: Getting To and From Williamsburg from Manhattan

Williamsburg is located just 3 miles from downtown New York City, and the famed Williamsburg Bridge connects to the Lower East Side. The neighborhood is also served by 3 subway lines, a number of bus routes, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and The East River Ferry. In short, it’s a well-connected place to be.

In the Summer and Spring, you can utilize the East River Ferry that provides a 15 minute ride across the East River that conveniently drops off right at the Williamsburg waterfront.

Williamsburg Apartments & Real Estate

Williamsburg, Brooklyn abounds with apartments and real estate opportunities. Many artists moved to the area in decades past, generating a long-lasting creative, hipster vibe. Williamsburg today offers many of the amenities those artists were looking for in addition to newer attractions. From the primarily Yiddish-speaking South Williamsburg to the more industrial East Williamsburg to the Polish and Italian influenced North Side, Williamsburg has something for people of all cultures and is known for its popularity among new residents.

Ready to Move to Williamsburg?

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