How to Pack Your Items for Storage

Moving tips for storage
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Whether you’re downsizing your home, decluttering for an open house, or in-between moving out of one home and into another, there are a variety of reasons why you might find yourself packing for storage.

Being organized when packing to put your items into storage will help you in the long run. Whether you’re storing for a couple of months or couple of years, we’ve put together tips on how to best pack your items to keep them clean, safe, and easily trackable.

Take Detailed Inventory

Taking a detailed inventory list of all items going into storage will prevent you from forgetting what you packed into each box. Numbering each box and noting the contents can help the unpacking process be less stressful. We recommend keeping your list digital – on your phone or computer – this helps ensure your list won’t be misplaced. Having an inventory list isn’t only beneficial for staying organized, but it is an easy way to help you discover if an item becomes damaged or lost.

Be Prepared

To prevent from getting overwhelmed and just throwing items into boxes, start preparing your items for storage. This includes making sure your items are clean and dry (so they don’t get mold or mildew), dissembling large items, and having enough boxes or totes for all the items you plan on storing.

Pack Properly

Using the proper moving boxes will help keep your belongings protected and clean during storage. There are a variety of moving boxes for all your needs. It’s recommended that breakable dishes are placed in a dish pack with proper padding. Clothes and linens can be stored in a wardrobe box to keep them dust and wrinkle-free as well as provide ventilation to protect from mold and mildew.

Tips and Tricks

  • Label your boxes on the sides and the top for easy identification.
  • Group and store items by room. This will allow you to easily find what you’re looking for.
  • If you are dissembling furniture, keep any hardware together in a Ziplock bag. Tape the bag to the furniture but don’t forget to label it, just in case it falls off.
  • Do not store anything that is perishable. Not only could they lead to bad odors, they can also attract rodents and insects.

No matter how far you’re moving or how long your items are going to be in storage for, these tips should help keep everything protected and organized. Whatever your “storage story” is, we have the answers for you. Liberty’s flexible storage solutions give you the freedom to make smart and cost-effective decisions. If you would like a free consultation about possible storage solutions, reach out to the team at Liberty Moving & Storage!


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