How to Pack a Home Office

Home office

Now more than ever people are working from home and investing heavily into their home office. Moving all your high-end equipment and furniture can be very stressful if you don’t know how to do it properly. We want to eliminate that stress by providing you with a few tips on how to make packing your home office smooth and organized.

Packing Materials

Before you start packing, it’s important to have the proper packing materials. We recommend you have 6-8 medium or large size boxes, 2-3 small boxes, packing paper, wrapping materials such as blankets, and packing tape. Retail stores such as Home Depot or Lowes have a large moving section where you can get all your packing needs. Amazon is another great option to have the items delivered quickly and right to your door. You can also purchases boxes directly through us and have one of our professional packers do the packing for you.

How to Pack

Packing can be extremely overwhelming. Knowing how to properly pack your items is essential for staying cool, calm, and collected.

  • Use blankets, sheets, or towels to cover your monitors, printers, and scanners. These soft but durable materials will prevent your items from scratches as well as cushion them.
  • Keep smaller items (such as chargers, pens, paper clips, etc.) in small boxes or containers so they don’t get lost or tangled in transport.
  • Start by packing non-essentials items in advance, leaving only items you use daily for the last minute.
  • Clearly label your boxes so you can easily identify what’s in them.

Digital Copies

You may be asking yourself, why is this important for my move? There are two reasons why;

  1. Stacks of paper that need to be boxed will add to the total number of boxes that will need to be moved. Having less boxes will help lower the overall cost of the move.
  2. In the off chance that something happens to the boxes, you’ll have digital copies of all your important papers and documents so nothing will be lost for good.

Uploading paperwork to Google Drive is a great option so you can continue working the moment you settle into your new office.


Did you know that standard insurance does not cover any technical issues that your electronics may have after the move? In the rare occurrence that an item, such as your computer monitor screen cracks during the move, full value protection insurance will cover the cost of replacing the monitor. If there is no physical damage to the computer monitor but it no longer turns on when you plug it in, standard insurance does not cover this. We recommend opting for additional insurance to over any and all technical and mechanical that may occur in result of the move.

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you’re still unsure of the best way to pack your home office, you can have one of our expert packers take care of that for you.


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