Top Long Island Areas for Retirees

A woman who just moved into a new home in NYC.
A woman who just moved into a new home in NYC.

If you’re ready to retire or looking forward to the day when you leave your working life behind, Long Island may not be at the top of your list. But whether you have family or friends nearby, or don’t want to live in a retirement community, Long Island has places that are ideal to consider.

Here are some of the top-rated communities for retirees:

1. Huntington Bay

This picturesque town of just over 1,500 is small enough to feel like a small town but close enough to New York City to grant easy access to the nightlife, shows, entertainment, and cultural life of the Big Apple. With one of the lowest crime rates on Long Island, this seaside community sitting at the juncture of Lloyd Harbor, Huntington Bay, and Northport Bay offers high median home values over $1 million.  With a median rent of just $2,250, Huntington Bay is affordable and just distant enough from New York City to give you the quiet life you’re seeking.

2. Westhampton Beach

On the south side of Long Island lies the picturesque town of Westhampton Beach.  With a population just topping 1,800, this beach town offers spectacular views of Moriches Bay and the West Hampton Dunes.  With local shopping, the nearby Francis S. Gabreski Airport, and median home prices just over $690,000, Westhampton Beach is a more affordable option than communities closer to New York City.

3. Greenlawn

If a larger community (population a tad over 14,000) a more suburban feel, and more affordable real estate (the median home value is just over $440,000), is more your style, consider Greenlawn. With a diverse community, this multi-ethnic piece of suburbia is close to New York City, but far enough away to feel like Broadway is still accessible. With home ownership topping 80% and a median rent under $500, Greenlawn is ideal for both renters and homeowners.

4. Port Jefferson

With a population at just over 7,500, Port Jefferson has the feel of a New England town that’s been transplanted to the central Long Island coast. If you fancy a weekend (or just a day) away, you can catch the Port Jefferson – Bridgeport ferry and check out the bustling seaside town of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  With more nightlife than most Long Island communities, Port Jefferson is ideal for couples or individuals seeking more excitement.

5. Northport

One of Long Island’s hidden gems for retirees is the north coast community of Northport. It’s 7,300 residents love the town. With a midrange home value of just over $550,000 and affordable rent (at around $1,340), this coastal community boasts excellent public schools and activities.

6. Cold Spring Harbor

Not only is this northern coastal town known for the Billy Joel album of the same name, its excellent public schools, buzzing nightlife, and variety of outdoor activities will make any retiree feel energized.  With one of the highest scores of health and fitness on Long Island, Cold Spring Harbor is a healthy, vibrant option for retirees, and with a population just topping 5,000 is big enough to offer plenty to do but small enough to feel like a small town.


Long Island is a great place to retire (or live) at any age!

Want to know more about living on Long Island?  Check out Discover Long Island and, excellent resources to find nearly anything you need to know about living, working, and retiring on the island.

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