The Role of Moving Brokers: What You Need To Know

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When planning a move, you come across various options for transportation and logistics. One particular element that can bring confusion is the role of moving brokers. 

At Liberty Moving & Storage, we understand that navigating a relocation can be confusing to individuals and businesses that are new to the ins and outs of this monumental task. To help you find the best people to assist you in your transition, we break down everything you need to know about moving brokers and how they can affect your moving experience. 

What Is a Moving Broker?

A moving broker acts as the coordinator between you (the client) and moving companies that can fulfill your relocation needs.

They’re not the actual movers. Unlike moving companies that have their own fleets and staff, brokers merely arrange the transportation of your items. They don’t directly handle the shipment but use their network to find you a mover who can.

The appeal of working with a broker comes from their promise to simplify the process by comparing quotes from multiple movers for you. They leverage their network of movers and refined insight into different companies’ pricing structures and availability to help you find better deals than you might find on your own.

However, it’s essential to understand that a smooth experience heavily relies on the broker’s knowledge, honesty, and the network of movers they partner with.

Moving Broker vs Moving Companies: Key Differences To Consider 

It helps to understand the main differences between brokers and moving companies to ensure a smooth transition to your new home

Services Offered

Ideally, brokers offer convenience by saving you the time and effort it would take to research and vet multiple moving companies.

In contrast, when you hire a moving company, you get direct access to a wide range of moving services, from packing to transport and storage.

Responsibility and Accountability

Moving brokers are not responsible for the actual move; their job ends once you are matched with a moving company. If issues arise during the move, your point of contact should be the moving company, not the broker.

On the other hand, directly hiring a moving company, especially a reputable provider, ensures accountability throughout the entire moving process.


Brokers provide estimates based on their understanding of your move, which might not always be accurate. Direct movers conduct thorough assessments to give accurate, binding quotes and save you the stress of dealing with unexpected costs.

Common Pain Points of Working With Moving Brokers

While a moving broker might sound like a convenient option, the interaction can be fraught with the following issues if not handled correctly.

Lack of Accountability

Unlike dealing directly with a mover, brokers might pass responsibility to the actual moving company if complications arise. This can lead to confusion and a lack of clear accountability.

Estimation Errors and Hidden Fees 

Brokers often provide estimates without a physical inspection of your items, leading to inaccurate quotes that can significantly change on the moving day. Some brokers might not even be transparent about their fee structures, leaving you with unexpected costs during an already expensive time.

Service Misalignment

Sometimes, what the broker promises in terms of services doesn’t align with what the moving company can deliver, leading to unexpected charges or service mishaps.

It’s also worth noting that brokers don’t always choose the most reliable movers. They might prioritize cost over quality, leading to a less-than-satisfactory moving experience. 

Delayed Communication

Working with a broker means there’s an added layer of communication, so there’s the risk of communication problems arising between you, the broker, and the moving company. Details can get lost or misinterpreted along the way, resulting in misunderstandings or mistakes on moving day.

Selecting the Right Partner for Your Move

At Liberty Moving & Storage, we understand the concerns of working with moving brokers. As an agent of United Van Lines, our access to an extensive integrated network of trucks and talented relocation teams ensures you receive the right solutions, accurate estimates, and dependable quality without needing an intermediary.

What is a moving broker, then, within the context of your move? They’re an option, but knowing the common issues that may arise is essential. By choosing a reputable, full-service moving company, you can expect to deal with the same team throughout your moving journey – a team that’s accountable, experienced, and invested in making your move as seamless as possible.

Experience the Liberty Moving & Storage Advantage Today

As a full-service moving company, Liberty Moving & Storage offers more than just transportation of your belongings. We provide peace of mind with our straightforward process and personalized solutions.
Moving doesn’t have to be complicated or fraught with unnecessary risks. Get your moving quote today, and take the first step toward transitioning to your new home or business location with confidence and peace of mind.


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