Last-Minute To-Dos Before You Move

As you’re getting ready to move, it’s easy to let things slip your mind.

You’re swamped, after all, and between hiring a moving company, packing boxes, and figuring out the logistics of it all, you’re probably pretty much done-in. It’s easy to let things fall through the cracks, especially at the last minute.

Here’s a list of the last-minute to-do’s you might not have considered:

  1. Have you arranged for your old bills to be transferred from your name to the new owner?

What to do: Call your utility companies and make sure the billing is stopped and transferred to the new owner.

  1. Do you have cleaning supplies to leave your old house or apartment spic and span? If you’re renting, you don’t want to lose some (or all) of your security deposit by leaving a mess behind.

What to do: Get an extra broom, household cleaners, dust rags, and anything you might need to clean your old place and keep them in your car or truck for your final household cleaning.

  1. Do you still have a key to your old home? While your buyer may change the locks, having a key doesn’t give you the right to go back in if you forget something. You may find yourself facing the consequences of criminal action should you go back into your old place to try to find something you left behind.

What to do: If you forget or lose something during the move and realize after you’ve moved out, knock on the door and talk to the new owners, or contact your real estate agent, your apartment rental company, or your old landlord to arrange for access, but don’t expect new residents to be necessarily cooperative.

  1. Have you done a final walk-through once the furniture and boxes are moved out? Hiring a moving company doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t miss something.

What to do: Before the moving company leaves your old home, walk through your home with them and check closets, crawl spaces, attics, and basements for anything that might have been missed.

  1. Have you put a forwarding order in for your mail? It’s easy to forget that your mail won’t be forwarded automatically and you risk missing essential letters after you move.

What to do: The US Postal Service allows for one-day notices to begin forwarding your mail, so even if you put it off until the last minute, you can take care of it either in-person or online.

  1. Are your cupboards and closets open? It’s essential to open closet doors and cabinets not only to make sure nothing’s left behind but to air them appropriately for the next resident of your home.

What to do: Before you walk out the front door for the last time, go through your home and open all closets and cupboards.

  1. Do you have a vacuum at your old home? Unless you have an in-home vacuum system, you need to leave the carpet in good shape when you move out.

What to do: Starting at the farthest point in the house from the front door, and from the farthest point in each room, vacuum thoroughly and close the door behind you. Never clean floors and rugs in dirty shoes.

  1. Have you packed your entryway mats?  It’s easy to forget to pack mats and rugs you use to wipe dirty feet on.

What to do: Clean the mats, roll them up outside-in and secure them with duct tape on the outside, and load them onto the moving truck.

  1. Have you removed everything from your bathroom?

What to do: Open vanities, look under sinks, open closet doors, open drawers, and use a step-stool for a final inspection of hard-to-see places to make sure nothing’s fallen behind a cabinet.

  1. Are you objective?

What to do: Have a friend or family member walk through your home with you and do a final inspection. They may see things you haven’t considered.

Good luck with your move! If we can lend a hand, contact us for a free quote


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