Stress Less: 5 Tips to Make Your Move Go as Smoothly as Possible

A woman who just moved into a new home in NYC.
A woman who just moved into a new home in NYC.

Moving is in the top five of the most stressful events of a person’s entire life. A house move ranks nearly as high as the death of a loved one or the loss of a job. Moving should only be done with careful preparation and understanding.

You’ll likely need to get movers involved, schedule cleanings (either for the old home or the new), pack and unpack all of your belongings, and more.

The stress can stack up quickly against movers, making the process a nightmare to live through.

However, prepping ahead with a few insider tips can make it an easy and stressless process. To help out during your move, we’ve compiled a quick reference list of moving tips that will minimize potential headaches.

5 Tips for Your Next Move

1. Pack Well Ahead of Moving Day

Don’t want to wait until moving day or the day before to start the packing process. Sure, you’ll want to keep a few essential items out, but the bulk of packing should be finished days ahead.

This will help reduce stress and keep things organized (minimizing stress in the unpacking period, as well). Take your time and break down the items in each room in phases.

Create a single liveable entertainment space, pack most of the kitchen away, and try packing up closets and bathrooms first (minus your essentials).

2. Separate Items by Room

When it comes time to pack, you may feel the urge to throw all your items into boxes hastily. You want this part over with, and you just want everything stored quickly for the move.

However, it’s critical to keep all of your items organized by room. Break down furniture and store items away from other rooms in separate piles. Label boxes appropriately to make unpacking a breeze. Be sure to indicate the contents of each box plus the room in which that box will go in the new house.

3. Keep Important Items and Documents Close by

While you hope that all your personal belongings will stay safe in the move with other house items, it’s not always the case. Additionally, you may need to access essential documents quickly and won’t be able to find it in a box in time.

You’ll want to keep wallet items, passports, important documents, and the likes alongside you in a separate box in the car during your move.

4. Research and Hire Quality Movers

If you’re going the route of professional movers (which we highly suggest for reducing stress), you’ll want to do thorough research on your options.

Compare prices of professional movers across different locations around town. Read customer reviews and search the internet for any potential scams or reports of poor service.

5. Leave Room Around Boxes to Move

Whether you’re moving boxes on moving day or professional movers will tackle the job, there will need to be space to move around boxes. Compiling them closer to the door is a great idea, but leaving lanes open for people and a dolly is a must.

More Insider Advice from the Professionals at Liberty Moving

With these essential tips, you can prep for your next move ahead of time to make the entire process less stressful.

And when you’re ready for more insider advice from the professionals, look to credible sources like Liberty Moving’s website. There, you can find specific resources for your type of move and tips for the most productive experience.

Visit the Liberty Moving blog today to learn more!


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