Do’s & Don’t’s If You Are Moving Long Distance

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Managing a million tasks with limited time can be overwhelming, but you are not the only one feeling this way. Many people can relate to the fact that relocating is usually among the most demanding experiences in life.

To make the long-distance moving process seamless, we have compiled a list of people’s most common errors before and during the move. We have also provided tips on how to prevent them.

Not Making Arrangements for a Moving Company Ahead of Time

Neglecting to reserve a mover in advance can have negative consequences. Planning and booking a mover sooner rather than later is essential to avoid problems and stress later.

It is best to reserve your move as early as possible, particularly during the peak moving season (May until early September). Not only will this help you feel more in control of the situation, but it will also minimize the risk of working with a mover who makes grand promises but doesn’t deliver.

Currently, the relocation business is witnessing a surge in the number of “scam” movers that exploit their customers’ faith – demanding a higher payment for their belongings or not even appearing on the day of the move. At Liberty Moving & Storage, we’ve created a checklist to help you sidestep these untrustworthy “grifters” and guarantee your belongings are in the hands of reliable professionals.

If you are searching for more advice, why not ask your recently moved friends for referrals? You can also check online reviews and contact various moving companies for more details and estimates. You can get a free, no-obligation quote from us immediately for a quick start!

Failing to Have a Strategy in Place

Lots of individuals experience anxiety when it comes to moving. Often, they will put off the process until it becomes too overwhelming. Fortunately, Liberty Moving & Storage has a solution. They provide a helpful Move Checklist that you can download to help guide you through the transition step by step. This checklist removes the guesswork and stress from planning the move.

Having an excessively ambitious agenda when it comes to travel plans

Driving from New York to Florida in a single day is not recommended, even if possible. Moving is physically and mentally challenging, so it’s best to avoid a long and tiring journey that could make it more complicated.

If your journey to your new city is not short (more than eight hours), incorporate some stops along the way. See to it that you have secure and pleasant lodgings booked in advance so that you can take the time to relax and recuperate. This also applies when flying; book your tickets early to avoid additional expenses and tension due to last-minute bookings.

Having a reliable mechanic give your car a tune-up is recommended to ensure the ignition, fuel, heating systems, and parts are functioning correctly. If you are in a cold winter climate, buy snow tires.

Forgetting To Bring Necessities When Moving

It is vital to keep a few essential items with you, regardless of your mode of transport to your new home. These can include crucial documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, and medical records; items that are difficult to replace, such as jewelry; and everyday items like prescription medications and phone chargers. It’s also wise to get additional refills for your prescriptions.

If you’re embarking on a drive to your new residence with children, it’s wise to let them bring a beloved game or toy. Providing light snacks and beverages is also a great plan to keep hunger at bay. If you have infants, remember to bring diapers; if they use a formula, pack that too. Lastly, if you have pets, remember to think of their needs.

Supposing That Anything Can Be Transported in the Truck

Liberty Moving & Storage, like other reputable movers, won’t move dangerous materials such as explosives, combustible gases, or chemicals. It is essential to get rid of these items ahead of time to follow state, federal, and local laws and protect the environment. Still uncertain? Seek assistance from your city or county representatives.

Having No Secondary Option

It is often advised to have a “Plan B” in place if the primary plan does not work out. However, there are situations where not having a backup plan can be advantageous.

No matter how well-organized a move may be, there is always potential for disruptions. To account for this, it is crucial to give yourself some wiggle room to account for any unexpected circumstances, such as inclement weather. Move-out and move-in dates tend to have a delivery window, meaning they may not be set in stone and can change. Don’t panic if this happens–a reliable mover like Liberty Moving & Storage will get everything back on track in no time. The most important thing to keep in mind? Be prepared for the unexpected, and make sure anyone involved in the move is aware of any modifications to the plan.

Are you having difficulty relocating? Liberty Moving & Storage is here to provide an estimate – follow this link to get started.

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