Self-Moving vs. Hiring a Moving Company

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For many people, hiring a moving company may not be too expensive considering the convenience they offer.

You may be wondering whether it’s worth hiring a moving company or moving yourself, which is why it helps to know if you are looking for convenience or seeking the cheapest option available.

For many people, hiring a moving company may not be too expensive considering the convenience they offer.

For others, self-moving may be the best option since it saves money.

Let’s explore this in more detail.

Types of Moving Companies

You can expect to hire professional movers, containers, or moving truck rentals, depending on your budget and needs.

It is also in your power to choose a blend of services to get the best deal possible, making it easier for you to find a budget-friendly option that also offers convenience.

Movers may be able to ship some of your belongings, and you may rent a truck on the side to move the remaining items by yourself.

Since every customer has varying needs, it helps to know more about the services you are looking to hire.

Professional movers are the most experienced and can offer maximum convenience due to the least labor, responsibility, and driving requirements.

On the downside, they are also the most expensive option, limiting the people who cannot afford to hire them.

If you’re willing to go down this route, Liberty Moving are the right professionals to hire since they specialize in moving and storage while offering affordable rates for everyone.

Average market rates for moving less than 100 miles are 7600 USD, while long-distance moves can cost up to 9140 USD.

However, the peace of mind you get in return for meeting these costs is worth it for many people looking to move within the country.

Self-Moving Options

Those who cannot afford to hire a professional mover may choose to opt for renting a moving truck, which is the cheapest option available but not as cheap as you might think.

If you’re moving locally, it is a great option since you can hire moving trucks for up to 200 USD.

Long-distance moves typically cost just over 2000 USD, but during the busy seasons, the prices jump up to 5000 USD.

There are also additional expenses such as the price of total mileage if you’re moving locally and fuel costs.

Your average truck has a mileage of 8-15 miles per gallon of fuel, which is something to consider in today’s economic situation since gas prices are rising.

Self-moving is an inconvenience many people will have to take if they cannot afford to hire a professional mover, which is why it helps to do some research and get various price quotes to find the best option.

Final Verdict

Professional movers are excellent at their job, and finding the right one ensures that you get the job done efficiently without having to worry about minor details.


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