Transporting Your Vehicle Cross-Country

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The Big Question: Should I Drive or Ship My Vehicle?

Moving to a new home is bound to come with moving an automobile, as well. Whether you live in the suburbs, small city, or large metropolitan area — chances are you’re considering bringing your car with you cross-country. One of the most commonly asked questions our moving experts at Liberty Moving & Storage receive is “Should I drive or ship my vehicle?”

This is your car and you know it better than anyone else, so who would you rather have transport it? You or someone who does this for a living? Here are the details on both alternatives:

Driving Yourself: You may feel more comfortable transporting yourself and your own automobile cross country — and that’s totally okay! If you choose to drive your car yourself, factor in the amount of time it will take to get from point A to point B. Keep in mind that the wear and tear on you and your car need to be calculated into the expense for your move. Also, factor in additional travel costs you may need to account for such as hotels and road food.

Shipping Your Vehicle: If you do not want to pile on extra responsibilities to your move, hiring a professional shipping company may be your best bet. Professional car shippers are trained to handle the equipment, have appropriate licensing, have proper certifications, and they make sure your car and belongings are secure and safe. They also know the best routes to ship a car and are familiar dealing with every possible contingency, including weather conditions and unplanned mishaps.

Ready to Move?

As an agent of United Van Lines, Liberty Moving & Storage is part of the leading national moving company offering auto transportation.  With the moving industry’s largest company-operated fleet of auto transporters, our open-sided and enclosed car carriers provide safe, professional car shipping service anywhere our network of agents deliver.

To learn more about transporting your automobile through United Van Lines, visit Auto Transport Services and check out these other helpful resources:

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