NYC’s Best Coffee Shops

“I don’t need to drink coffee to be awesome. I’m already awesome. But it’s more fun when I’m awesome and awake.” – Anonymous

Coffee is a way of life in New York City. The East Coast may have been late for the party that started in Seattle and Portland in the 90’s, but the Big Apple is now home to dozens of the world’s best coffee shops.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the City or a long-time resident, here’s our short list of the best coffee shops in the city that’ll make any weather-weary Northwesterner green with envy instead of mold.

  1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters a Portland, Oregon-based cafe finally made its way to the city, arriving in 2009. Stumptown has been around Portland for decades, but the Ace Hotel location has become a local favorite since it opened its doors. This coffee shop features a wide variety of coffee drinks and offers pastries and sandwiches from Roberta’s, Ovenly and Black Seed, making it a perfect spot to grab a coffee and sandwich any time of the day.
  2. Toby’s Estate. If Portland isn’t far enough away for you, check out Toby’s Estate, an Australian-based roaster and coffee shop. If you’re a true coffee aficionado, you can subscribe to Toby’s coffee offerings and have fresh-roasted coffee delivered to your home. Want to learn more about coffee? Toby’s also offers six different classes ranging from Home Brew to Advanced Espresso to Latte Art. Toby’s Brew School gift cards make a perfect present for your coffee-loving friends and family.
  3. Third Rail Coffee isn’t just another coffee shop – it’s quaint (think small). Third Rail describes its clientele as ‘serious caffeine lovers,’ and with a wide selection of brews and baked goods and outdoor seating, it’s a perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth and get your morning buzz. Bring along greenbacks because Third Rail is cash-only.
  4. Devoción is the city’s only Farm Fresh (direct from the source) coffee shop.  With many organic, locally-sourced coffees from Columbia, this coffeeshop-with-a-conscience has become a local favorite.  Fancy having guilt-free coffee at home? Devoción offers subscriptions for your favorite selections, and you can enjoy your coffee and sleep well at night (is that a contradiction in terms?) knowing you’re helping coffee farmers receive more of their fair share of the profits.
  5. Sweetleaf’s living room-like atmosphere will make you feel at home. With three locations in Long Island City and Brooklyn, the relaxing atmosphere is the perfect place to chill and watch the world go by.  If you enjoy Sweetleaf’s coffee, you can join their effort to promote sustainability and profitability for coffee farmers by becoming a wholesaler. With no corporate office, Sweetleaf offers the casual coffee drinker and serious fan the assurance that they’re not another Seattle-based corporate-owned chain. Drink in peace and good conscience.
  6.  Abraço has become an East Village landmark since its 2007 opening. Taking its influence from Spanish and Italian coffee bars, this coffee roaster and espresso bar is as lively as the music after which it’s named.  Stop by and let Jamie, Liz, and Lily brew you a cup and serve you a semi-sweet or savory dish that will brighten up any day, and bring a smile your face.

So, drink up fellow New Yorkers. The day has just begun, and there’s no time to waste.