NYC Moving Checklist


Choosing a New York City moving company can be overwhelming. You may ask yourself many questions similar to, “will I be overpaying for the level of service provided?”. There are several steps you can take to answer these questions. Below is a moving checklist to ease your mind and help select a NYC moving company that will come through for you.

NYC Moving Checklist


Things to Consider When Moving to New York City


  •  Search for moving companies…then search some more

Start your search on Google with something like, “nyc moving companies”. Work your way down the results and read some reviews. Did previous customers leave positive feedback? If so, great start. Do the reviews seem real? If there isn’t at least one bad review, that can be a red flag. Trust me, there isn’t a company around who hasn’t gotten some negative feedback in the past. Best review resources:

  • Make a list, check it twice

Based off your internet searches, choose three New York City moving companies you feel are the best. Call them up and ask a few questions about their company to make sure they’re helpful, then schedule a free in home estimate. We can’t stress the importance of an accurate estimate in getting the best cost for your move.

  • The Estimate

Make sure the estimator is thorough. Hopefully they measure your couches and other furniture and the width of your doors to make sure your furniture can fit through. An experienced estimator also checks for parking and access issues outside your home to avoid delays and disappointment on moving day.

  • Insurance

Most buildings require a certificate of insurance from any company working in the building. Every reputable moving company will have one. If they don’t, cross that mover off the list immediately.

  • Moving company prices

Everyone has a budget and we’re not saying price isn’t important, but there are other factors to consider when choosing a New York City moving company. If one of your estimates is significantly lower (+30%) than the others, something is wrong. The fact is most moving companies charge around the same price for their services. If you’re being charged too little, that company is either inexperienced, hires day-labor, or may ask for more money on moving day.

  • Part with junk

Go through everything you own before moving day. Donate or discard anything you don’t actually need. While it’s tough to part with belongings, you’ll feel better when you don’t have to pay someone to move that bread maker you never used.

  • Moving supplies

Want to save a bunch of money on your move? Provide your own boxes. Get used boxes from your office for free or purchase them from Home Depot for 1/10 of the price a mover will charge.

  • Packing tip – Pack in stages

Don’t start packing the night before your move. You probably won’t finish, so pack a little bit at a time. Start with one room about a week before the move date and see how much you get done. Pack some more the next day and you’ll be finished well before the movers arrive.

  • How to change your mailing address

For a seamless move, change all mail, utilities, services, and subscriptions to your new address. You can change your postage online here. For cable and internet, just notify your service provider and they will switch you over and let you bring your existing equipment to the new home

  • Packing tip – Label your boxes

As you pack, make an inventory of the important items in each box, then use a marker and attach a number to each box and piece of furniture. At your new home, before you pay the movers, check the inventory and make sure all your items arrived.


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