Case Studies:
Office Moving

Case Studies – Office Relocations

Project Name: Town of Brookhaven Headquarters Relocation

Origin Address – 3233 Route 112, Medford NY 11763
Destination Address – 1 Allstate Drive, Farmingville NY 11738

Square Footage – 90,000 square footage

Number of Employees – 700 employees

Description: Liberty Moving was hired by the Town of Brookhaven to plan and execute the relocation of over 700 employees from three locations in Suffolk County to the old Allstate building in Farmingville. The planning process for this move started three months prior to the move with weekly meetings including general contractors, architects, Town of Brookhaven engineering and security personnel and the Liberty Moving Coordination Team.

Liberty developed a move coordination plan with the Town of Brookhaven to move over 20 departments in various phases. This phasing process allowed for a smoother transition for the Town of Brookhaven to its new 100,000 square foot facility. Project Manager Vincent Miano developed a departmental tagging and color coding system that identified the exact location of furniture, computers, files etc… at the new facility. The result was no loss in productivity resulting from items being misplaced.

One of the biggest challenges was the process of reconfiguring over 300 employee workstations (cubicles) to accommodate the new space. The process involved the inventorying, relocation and assembly of over 9000 workstation parts at the new facility. The entire project lasted over three months and was completed on time and within budget.

Project Name: BAE Systems Reconnaissance & Surveillance Systems

Origin Address – 300 Robbins Lane, Syosset, New York 11791
Destination Address – 1 Hazeltine Way and 5 Cuba Hill Road Greenlawn,NY

Square Footage – 250,000 square feet

Number of Employees – 350

Description: As with most major relocations, planning was a key element to the successful relocation of this facility. The relocation involved three major steps: 1)The Development & Approval of the Move Plan; 2) The Coordination of the necessary vendors (riggers, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and 3) The Physical Move.

The planning phase consisted of interviewing all department heads and determining the order in which departments would be relocated. This tedious assignment was critical to minimize disruption to BAE’s operation. The move was also dependent upon the completion of construction at multiple destinations. The move plan (sample attached) was developed over a period of 30 days (as requested by the client) and it identified each of the tasks necessary so that each department had advance notice of when their group would be required to have information available for the actual move. This planning work was conducted at BAE by Liberty’s on-site Project Management Team.

BAE’s actual relocation included not only the offices and workstations of approximately 350 employees, but also the tagging, inventory and packing, rigging, loading, unloading and unpacking of all products, trade fixtures, machinery, chambers, lab contents and testing room equipment. Hazardous materials containers were moved under the Department of Transportation regulations and12Kardex files were packed and unpacked. Several cranes and outside chillers (cooling towers) were relocated as well. A great deal of classified materials were relocated and strict security guidelines were followed.

Project Name: Northrop Grumman Aerospace

Origin Address: Various Buildings Bethpage, N.Y.
Destination Address: Various Buildings Bethpage, N.Y.
Square Footage: 600,000

Number of Employee’s: 500

Description: Grumman originally contracted Liberty through a bid process, which was coordinated through the Philips Group for the relocation of their EC2 Division. The E C 2 Program relocation consisted of an inventory of 1,100 chairs, 1,000 lateral files, 750 pieces of electronic equipment, 9,000 boxes, 70 Steel Case modular furniture units, and 120 private offices. All files were tagged, packed, unpacked, bolted and unbolted by Liberty Staff.

Project Manger Lew Sayre, and Foremen Matt Laroche were responsible for attending pre-move meetings for each phase, color coding floor plans, tagging, and setting up move preparation meetings during the week. The weekend move started every Friday at 5:00pm and ran through completion on Sunday. Liberty supplied 10 men during the week for per and post moves, and 40 men and 4 vans for the weekend moves. All employees needed N.Y.S. ID and were checked in every day by Grumman security. Liberty accomplished the job on time and in a satisfactory manner.

Since the original EC2 project, Liberty has been an exclusive mover for all of Grumman’s furniture, IT and contents needs.

Project Name: Morstan General Agency

Origin Address: 1985 Marcus Ave. New Hyde Park, NY
Destination Address: 600 Community Drive Lake Success, NY

Square Footage: 30,000

Number of Employee’s: 200

Description: The Morstan General Agency Inc., a leading Long Island insurance company, contracted Liberty Moving to assist them in the relocation of their Long Island office. The project consisted of extensive planning sessions with Morstan’s move coordination team to set move schedules, create a color coding plan and educate over 200 staff members on preparing for the move.

The first phase of the relocation process entailed an extensive planning process between Liberty’s Planning Team and Morstan’s move coordinators. Team leader Mike Federico started by conducting an analysis of Morstan’s extensive filing systems that consisted of over 200 rolling shelving units and common area file cabinets. In addition, Liberty devised a program to transfer existing archive storage to its offsite record center on Long Island. Finally, Liberty implemented a plan for the secure transfer of valuable LCD flat screen monitors and Morstan’s delicate server equipment.

The second phase involved the creation of a color coding and numbering system to ensure contents and equipment of over 200 staff members were transferred in a timely and efficient manner. Liberty’s Planning Team held several move orientation meetings with Morstan’s staff to present correct packing and tagging techniques and to educate people on the entire move process.

The week long move was completed under budget and within the time parameters set forth by Mortan’s move coordination team.

Company Name: Edo Corporation

Origin Address: 455 Commack Road Deer Park, NY 11729
Destination Address: 1500 New Horizons Blvd. Amityville, NY 11701

Square Footage: 120,000 square feet

Number of Employees: 400

Description: Liberty Moving & Storage was awarded the Edo project after an intense bidding process. The project involved the consolidation of Edo’s Defense and Technology Group in Deer Park and its Marine and Air Systems Group to multiple locations at its Amityville location. In total, there were over 400 employees involved in the move and over 150,000 feet of warehouse/ office space. The complexity of the project was compounded by the high level of security at all origin and destination locations.

The Liberty Planning Team, headed by Vincent Miano and Lew Sayre, conducted over 20 on site visits and planning meetings with Edo staff to develop an intimate knowledge of the Edo facility and create an efficient move plan. For the warehouse part of the move, Liberty was responsible for the relocation high tech manufacturing equipment, industrial machinery, a clean room, granite tables, B1B test cells, warehouse racking and related stock items. For the office part of the project, Liberty was responsible for packing, relocating and unpacking all computer equipment, file systems and office furniture of over 350 office employees.

Liberty created a tagging system utilizing 25 different colors to ensure proper placement of warehouse/ office items at destination locations. During moves in and out of Edo facilities, Liberty created a plan to ensure protection of all floors, corridors, corners and elevators. Finally, Liberty conducted instructional meetings with Edo staff to explain the proper techniques for packing, tagging, etc… The move was completed within the parameters of Edo’s move schedule and within budget.

Project Name: Omega Moulding Facility Relocation

Origin Address: 75 Austin Blvd, Commack NY 11735
54 Motor Parkway, Commack NY 11735
Destination Address: 1 Saw Grass Drive Bellport, NY 11713

Square Footage: 70,000 square feet

Number of Employees: 100

Description: Liberty was awarded the Omega Moulding project after a detailed bidding and interview process. Omega needed a relocation company that could assist in planning and carrying out a major office/ warehouse relocation involving multiple origin sites and a wide range of moving services including machinery rigging, stock relocation, packing, electronics and a substantial office move. After several meetings with Omega’s move management team, Liberty Project Managers Andrew Hill and Al Jackson created a move plan involving 4 Phases and centered around keeping Omega’s operation up and running during the one month project.

Phase 1 involved the relocation of loose molding stock from Omega’s Motor Parkway facility into their 110,000 square foot facility in Bellport. Phase 2 involved the relocation of over 22,000 boxes (each 10 x 2 and weighing over 80 lbs.) from three locations to the destination site. Phase 3 involved the relocation of delicate production equipment, live stock and the entire office operations of Omega. This Phase was done over the weekend to ensure there was no loss in productivity for the Omega workforce. The final Phase of the move was the relocation of Omega’s heavy industrial equipment. Rigging specialist Al Jackson was able to accomplish this phase within a 2 day time period. The Omega Moulding Project was completed within the stated time schedule and within budget.

Project Name: Tates Bake Shop

Origin Address: 43 North Sea Road Southampton NY 11968
Destination Address: 62 Pine Street East Moriches, NY 11940

Square Footage: 15,000 square feet

Number of Employees: 35

Project Description: When Tate’s Bake Shop approached Liberty Moving to start planning a move to a newly renovated 15,000 square foot state of the art baking operation, their was more than just cookies moving.

Tate’s, founded in 2000 by Kathleen King, produces and distributes more than half a million packages of cookies a year. Due to the fact that Tate’s wanted to accomplish the move in one day to keep their operations at maximum capacity, Liberty move coordinator Mike Federico developed a move plan that would allow Tate’s to minimize downtime during the relocation process.

Federico staffed the job with veteran warehouse moving and rigging specialists to handle equipment and rented a forklift for moving pallets of baking supplies. This enabled Tate’s to continue using its own forklift, even during the move process. In addition, Liberty delivered 20 specialized corrugated bins to the origin location prior to the move to allow Tate’s staff to pack away equipment over the weekend before the Monday move was to commence. Each bin was carefully tagged with a description of its contents so Tate’s could unpack and get ready for business Tuesday morning.

The moving process went extremely well and everything was placed to perfection. According to Michel Dobbs, General Manager of Tate’s, “throughout the entire process, from scheduling to the actual move, we were very pleased we chose Liberty. You made a potentially stressful situation almost a pleasure”.