Furniture Liquidators

Often times during a move, a company will have surplus furniture, files and equipment that they need to dispose of. At Liberty, our furniture liquidators can assist customers with their office furniture disposal and liquidation services needs and find the most cost-effective strategy to dispose of surplus office items.

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Cost-Effective Office Furniture Disposal

Our moving consultants will work with your move coordination team to survey your surplus items and determine the most viable and efficient method to have them removed from the premises

Finding a Buyer for Surplus Items

Liberty has an extensive client base of commercial customers. Many times, those customers have a need for additional used cubicles, executive furniture, file cabinets, etc. Our consultants will assist you in getting in touch with prospective buyers for your surplus items. This will enable you to recapture some of your investment and defray the cost of moving those items out.

Finding A Charity

Your office furniture liquidation can benefit the numerous charities and not for profit agencies in the NYC area that are in need of furniture for their offices. Although most of them are not in a position to purchase your surplus items, they can absorb the cost of removing items. That saves you time and money. Your Liberty consultant will work with you to find such an organization.

Office Furniture Disposal

For those items which we cannot assist you in finding a buyer or charity, it is important that you choose the most cost-effective and efficient disposal method. We can arrange to have dumpsters brought to your facility for onsite disposal if permissible by the building manager. Alternatively, we can transport items in our straight trucks or trailers to a recycling facility.

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