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Quality Stockroom Moving Services

Reliable, State-of-the-Art Stockroom Moving and Packing Services

Liberty Moving & Storage’s professional stockroom moving services assure the secure and timely relocation of stockrooms using durable rolling stock carts. These rolling bins have proven to be the most efficient, reliable and state-of-the-art way to transport the contents of your warehouse stockrooms. Our specialists are proficient at maintaining the sequence of your parts numbering systems so your warehouse staff can pull stock before, during and after the move.

Our team of experienced carpentry personnel is proficient at dismantling and reassembling warehouse racking systems in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, for those customers who order new systems, our teams are skilled at evaluating shop drawings and building new units to specifications.

Protocol for Stockroom Packing and Unpacking

Liberty’s warehouse moving specialists will use a detailed system to ensure your stockrooms are packed efficiently. Our project team will set up a numbering and color coding system that will ensure the proper placement of your stock items. We will color code your floor plans to correspond to your steel racking at the new location.

Rolling bins will be utilized to pack contents of shelves sequentially from left to right. Each bin will be tagged with a number and each shelf on a bin will be tagged with a letter to ensure that everything is placed properly at your new warehouse. All bins will be shrink-wrapped for safety and protection.

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