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Reliable Moving Solutions: Your Key to a Stress-Free Move

Liberty Moving & Storage proudly offers five-star moving solutions to homeowners and business owners in Connecticut. We are a widely preferred residential and commercial moving company in Stratford, CT, offering various services addressing every moving need.

Our attentive coordinators and moving crews make moving easy and stress-free for our Stratford customers. An idyllic suburban town in Fairfield County, Stratford has a rich history and a lovely natural environment ideal for young families and peace-loving professionals. With its well-preserved historical buildings, scenic beaches, nature drives, and green, walkable neighborhoods, it’s unsurprising that many would want to relocate here to Stratford.

Call Liberty Moving & Storage if you’re moving your household or business in town. Our expert movers in Stratford, CT, will help you settle into your new home or office. We have packing specialists, drivers, and moving crews who’ll care for your belongings throughout the move. 

Our professional Stratford CT movers can handle large, heavy pieces of furniture, electronics, appliances, fragile decorations – you name it. Contact our moving company in Stratford, CT, for more information on our services.

Moving Company in Stratford, CT

We Make Effortless Moving Possible

Residential Moving in Westport

Moving to a new home can send you an emotional rollercoaster of excitement, worry, and sadness, all on top of everything you need to do. Let our residential movers in Stratford, CT, take some load off your shoulders so you can spend more time saying goodbye to old friends and neighbors. Our team can pack your belongings, load the moving vans, drive to your new address, and unload your boxes into your home. We take extra care to ensure your things arrive safely and without any damage. Liberty Moving & Storage can help you have a good start in your new home.

Commercial Moving in Westport

Liberty Moving & Storage has helped business owners across industries relocate to a new store, office, or business establishment – safely and efficiently. Our well-trained Stratford CT movers use clever techniques to safely pack, load, and move display shelves, carpets, computers, industrial-grade appliances, office furniture, and other business essentials. We do our best to stick to the schedule to minimize disruptions to your operations and limit any losses you might incur. You can count on us for your commercial moving needs.

Storage Services in Westport

If you need more time to decide whether to keep or throw away some furniture pieces, seasonal clothing, decorations, and other items you keep at your old home, contact Liberty Moving & Storage. We offer storage services at our state-of-the-art storage facility in Commack, NY. We offer containerized storage, mobile storage, and fine art and furniture storage. You don’t have to be a paying customer for our moving services; if you need a safe place that’s well-looked after to store your belongings and other assets, contact Liberty Moving & Storage. 

Specialty Moving Solutions

If you have unconventional moving needs, like when transporting hundreds of cases of wine to a new cellar or a cargo of perishable food products across cities or states, Liberty Moving & Storage is the company to call. We have a wide selection of vehicles that can safely transport varied products. If you need climate-controlled shipping, trucks properly outfitted to transport expensive wine, delicate art, or massive grand pianos, we can accommodate you. We also offer special senior moving services for our elderly customers.

Full-Service Packing Company 

Packing is often the most time-consuming and energy-draining part of moving. Most people start packing weeks, sometimes months, ahead of their move to ensure everything they own arrives in one piece at their new address. But don’t worry because our professional packers at Liberty Moving & Storage can help lighten your load. Our experienced packers can box, package, and organize your belongings so that all that’s left to do is load the boxes on the trucks on moving day. Tell us when and what to pack, and we’ll arrive bringing packing cartons and supplies. 

Car Transport Services

Many of our customers drive along with our moving trucks to form a convoy. However, if you’re moving to a new state, driving for hours and thousands of miles through open highways can do a number on your car. So, instead of driving, why not have your vehicle transported along with your other belongings to your new home? Liberty Moving & Storage can load your private car in one of our equipped trucks and bring it safely across the interstate. This will protect your vehicle, keep its miles low, and protect its resale value should you plan to sell it later.

Liberty Boxtruck

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Why Choose Liberty Moving & Storage as Your Movers in Stratford, CT

Reliable Solutions That Take the Stress Out of Moving

Large Fleet of Moving Vehicles

Liberty Moving & Storage has a large fleet of 100 moving trucks and vans capable of transporting various types of cargo. We can provide one or more vehicles to transport all your belongings, so you don’t have to worry about making multiple long-haul trips. Also, if you only have a few furniture, appliances, and other household stuff, we also have smaller vehicles that should be a better match for your budget. So don’t sweat the distance or weight of all the things you own because we got you covered.

GPS Tracking and Monitoring

You’re welcome to follow or precede our moving trucks on moving day. However, if you’re flying or driving on another date, you can still keep track of your furniture and other possessions throughout their transport. Each of our moving vehicles has GPS tracking and monitoring, and we share the tracking data with you on the day of the move. You can check where they are and when they will arrive from the comfort of your office, car, or hotel room. Our coordinators are also always in touch with our drivers throughout their trips.

Complete Moving Services

If you need other services besides renting a moving truck with a professional driver, Liberty Moving & Storage is the ideal moving company in Stratford, CT, for you. We offer complete moving solutions, whether you’re a homeowner with a large household or a business owner with various assets to relocate. We can assemble furniture and office cubicles, transport machinery, provide specialized packing services, etc. Don’t hesitate to tell us your needs because we might have the means to help.

80+ Years of Moving

Liberty Moving & Storage is one of the best in the industry because we are one of the longest in this business. We’ve been carrying out residential and commercial moving services for many decades, fine-tuning our strategies and honing our skills in handling furniture, glass surfaces, fragile pieces, heavy equipment, and more. You can count on our expertise and commitment to move your assets – whether household items or goods to sell – quickly and safely. So call Liberty Moving & Storage for your peace of mind.

We Keep Your Things Safe and Intact 

There is always a risk that furniture, appliances, gadgets, and other fragile items can get damaged en route to your new home. However, the chances of this happening are much lower with Liberty Moving & Storage. Our company’s expertise in packing, loading, and navigating trucks through highways and busy roads is unparalleled. We confidently say that we’ll keep your belongings safe and intact because that’s what we’ve always done for our customers. Expect a hassle-free move with our moving company in Stratford, CT.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are a duly licensed moving company with the appropriate licenses to offer relocation services and assistance in Connecticut and other states. So whether you’re moving within, outside, or into Stratford, we are fully prepared to provide the moving solutions you need. Liberty Moving & Storage is also fully insured, which means we carry some liability if your goods or belongings get damaged on the way to your new property. Our team is fully committed to helping every family or business owner have a fresh start, whether within or outside Stratford.

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What Our Moving & Storage Customers Are Saying


Anthony C.
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“I had never used a moving service before. Make sure you do your homework. This company has good reviews and came recommended. They came when they said. Packed up everything! I had to actually have it stored for about 30 days. Everything was put in crates and nothing was damaged. The employees where all very nice. From the folks on the phone to the folks who picked up and dropped off. I would definitely use them again for moving and storage!!”
Jason M.
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“Special thank you to the “Melgar Crew”, Jenny, Jetny , Mario, Mauricio, Carlos, and Andres. They did an amazing job packing and loading up all of my uncles possessions to bring to his new home in Florida. They were on time, professional, courteous, and did not cause any damage to floors or walls when they moved everything out. All around, they are a great team. Thanks again.”
Chris P.
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“Liberty moving arrived on time, didn't break a thing, and the men were very professional. They protected my floors and cleaned up when they left. Talk about white glove service!”