offside Document Storage Services

Liberty Records Management, a division of Liberty Moving & Storage, has been providing document storage solutions to businesses in New York for over 50 years. Whether you’re a small “mom and pop” business or a large multinational corporation, Liberty is equipped to handle all of your offsite document storage needs.

A Diverse Range of Record Storage Systems For New York Businesses

Liberty offers diverse record storage services to New York businesses:

  • Bar-coding and database management
  • File storage for active and non-active office records
  • Medical record storage
  • Complete line of storage supplies
  • Medical record storage
  • Standard & emergency file delivery services
  • Specialized storage for architectural/engineering plans

Our new state of the art 75,000 square foot facility located in Long Island, NY is equipped to handle all of your record storage needs. Our record center is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The storage facility is protected by a state–of-the-art fire and burglary protection systems and monitored 24 hours a day to local police and fire departments. The facility is also equipped with an insurance-approved sprinkler system.

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