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At Liberty, our wine moving specialists understand how passionate our customers can be about their wine collections. Even for the casual collector, it’s important to have wine movers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the nuances of handling wine collections so you can enjoy it at your new residence.

Determining Value of Your Collection

One of the first steps in wine moving is to determine the overall value of the collection. High-value wine collections should have a professional appraisal completed prior to shipping. The best way to locate an appraiser is to contact a local, fine-wine distributor or shop.

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Packing the Wine Collection

Special care should be taken to protect the wine when packing. Professional wine movers are qualified to correctly pack the bottles. If you are packing the wine yourself, you may want to consider obtaining wine-packing boxes used to transport wine by the case on commercial airlines. These are made of Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard and protect the bottles well. You can purchase them at stores that sell wine in your area. Remember to pack the wine on its side, as it would be stored in your home. Allow the bottles to rest for 7 days prior to opening.

Shipping Your Wine

Professional household goods moving companies like Liberty are well equipped to handle shipping wine. If you are moving your collection in the summer or winter months, where temperatures can be extreme, we offer shipping options on one of our climate controlled vehicles. Our climate controlled vehicles are equipped with air-ride systems to prevent excessive shaking during transit.

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