Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Logistics, a division of Liberty Moving and Storage, is a one stop resource capable of handling all of your last mile warehousing, distribution, and installation needs. Celebrating over 75 years in business, Liberty has an impeccable record of servicing the needs of a variety of companies and industries throughout the U.S. We’ve worked with clients of all sizes, ranging from the world’s top hoteliers and luxury brands to local businesses and start-ups. Whether you have an existing last mile partner or not, last mile logistics is the premium service that will ensure a safe and efficient transfer of any and all furniture/fixtures/equipment (F/F/E).

Three Step Process

Last Mile Logistics has a three step system to make the most important parts of a project the most efficient.

Step 1 - Set off shipments at a qualified commercial warehouse

With our network of over 850 warehouses throughout the continental U.S., Liberty can act as a consolidation point or set off location for new F/F/E. We will inspect, inventory, sort, and store your new product until the destination location is ready to receive. Using Windfall inventory software we keep track of your products, and our customers always have access to their inventory to lookup items and place work orders. Our strict warehouse protocol ensures that everything you expect to be delivered to your customer is accounted for, in good condition, and safe within one of our facilities.

Step 2- Establish delivery to project site/install point.

With a fleet of over 8,000 moving tricks throughout the U.S., Liberty can handle any type of delivery challenge you can put in front of us. We can provide straight trucks with lift gates, tractor trailers, and flatbed vehicles. Last Mile Logistics can accommodate delivers 24/7 and we can provide union or non-union n crews. Service includes: inside delivery, unwrap, and debris removal.

Step 3- Installation/Assembly

Sometimes your new F/F/E product needs to be assembled or installed within the customer’s location. No problem! Liberty offers a full installation service to ensure that the product is fully installed when you client turns on the lights for business. We are proficient at installing office furniture (including cubicle systems), retail displays, hospitality furnishings, restaurant equipment and a myriad of other F/F/E items.

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