Winter Moving Tips

Household moving can be a challenge. The most successful moves are well-planned moves. If you plan the ideal move it is unlikely that moving in winter will be part of that plan. But, sometimes things such as when you move are not always in your control. If you find yourself having to make a winter move, here are some tips to help you make it a successful move.

Plan For The Season

Moving in winter provides some unique challenges to any outdoor activity. From shorter days to weather delays, the plan for moves to take longer than you expect. By building flexibility into your timeline, you can handle the delays with less stress. One key to a successful winter move is to give yourself and your movers the latitude to deal with the uniqueness of the winter season.

Prepare Your Homes For Safety

Slush, snow, and ice are hazards in the best of times. During a winter move, these hazards are especially dangerous to moving crews and homeowners. Keep an eye on the weather and prepare both properties by keeping shovels, de-icers and even a snowblower accessible. Ensure snow is removed from the entry, walkway and loading areas. By keeping your properties clear of snow and ice, you can help the move go more smoothly and keep those people involved in the move safe.

Prepare Floors For Water and Salt

With movers going in and out, the outdoors will come in. Ensure your floors are protected, but any protection must be secured to the floor to ensure you minimize any hazards. By protecting floors upfront, you will save yourself the effort on the backend of cleaning carpets and wood floors.

Double Check Utilities: Keep The Heat On

Freezing temperatures in a home can cause a great deal of damage. While it is tempting to disconnect all utilities, allowing a home’s temperature to drop to freezing creates a liability for sellers. On the other side of your move, make sure the temperature at your new home is set at a comfortable level. For the movers and your family, you want to be sure you are comfortable on the other end after a long day. Read more on utilities,

Be Careful With Pets

Moving with pets presents its own set of challenges even in good weather. When it’s cold and possibly snowy, you need to take even greater precautions. If you can, move pets to a safe, warm place before your move date. Often, moving requires that doors be left open for extended periods of time.

While the temperature may not be too uncomfortable for people, it can be deadly for small pets like birds, fish, or hamsters. Dogs or cats may wonder out, leaving them exposed to the cold for long periods of time. So, it is best to find a warm, safe place for your pets where they can stay during the hustle and bustle of move day.

No matter what time of year you are moving, creating a play is important. By creating your winter move plan well ahead of your move date, you will have a more successful, smoother move while protecting people, pets and household items. If you need help with your move, contact us at 1-800-640-4487  for a free in-home consultation.