What to do on Valentine’s Day in Long Island & NYC

Valentines Day gift ideas do not have to be ho-hum and run-of-the-mill. Flowers, jewelry, chocolates and candy are always appreciated, but they are not particularly original. Regardless of how sincere the gesture, while the old stand-bys say “I love you,” they do not say why. Instead of forcing your loved one to answer post-Valentines Day questions with a stock answer like, “My spouse and I exchanged gift certificates to our favorite restaurants,” put your loved one in a position to brag a little.

Valentines day nyc

Ideas for Valentine’s Day in New York

The following Valentine’s Day gift ideas may require some planning to accomplish or a little extra storage, but they are all tokens of love that will remind your spouse just how much they mean to you.

Tell Them You Like their Fashion Sense and Their Lifestyle Choices

It may require moving the old shoe closet or hide-away into storage and tossing in a few pairs of shoes that are just too ugly to display as well, but a hip and fun furnishing for any home and either sex is a shoe tower. Man or woman, no matter what our age, we are all sentimental about our shoes, slippers, boots, sandals, clogs, aqua socks, mudders, rain & snow boots, loafers and whatever other footwear we possess.

All the shoes we are sentimental about fill one of two roles: fashion or practicality. The shoes we wear say as much about us as the clothes we choose. A turntable shoe tower allows a man to tell his loved one, “I like your style,” and a woman to tell her partner, “I like what you choose to do with your time.” An open-display shoe tower with a turntable says, “I love you from head to toe!”

Though larger and a seasonal gift that you’ll probably have to put in storage for the winter, nothing says, “I love watching you have fun,” than a Vespa. Sure, there is something New Yorkish about paying for cab fare to get from one place to another, but the size of a Vespa moped makes it ideal for New York. Parking can be found anywhere, even legal parking. Vespas use virtually no gas and seem to have a way of working around those pesky traffic jams that can consume hours of a New Yorker’s life a day. Those are all qualities that can not be attributed to a car nor a cab.

Think your man’s-man of a husband wouldn’t like a Vespa? Think again. Nothing says manliness like freedom and a Vespa can do things in New York even a bicycle can not: namely, carry two people!

The In-Season Valentine’s Day for New Yorkers

  • King-Size Bed – Throw out the little cot you two have and start spending the other quarter of your life in luxury. Better yet, put the old bed in storage and wait until someone you know needs it. There always seems to be a bed shortage in the world
  • Tandem Bike – Riding through New York is always cool. Riding through New York on a tandem with your partner is twice the fun. Sure, it’s a little early to be getting on bikes still, but put it in storage until spring breaks through. It will give you two something to look forward too.
  • Standing Mirror – Let your partner know you like their looks by telling them they should have a better look at themselves. If you have a wife, this is the perfect excuse to move that ugly vanity her mother gave her into storage while you look for something a little less grandma-ish for her.
  • Economy Oven – Face it, a wife isn’t chained to the kitchen anymore and Mr. Mom’s aren’t baking four hours a day. It’s time to get ride of the four-burner and put something in the kitchen that is practical and saves space. True, it’s never a good idea to buy a loved one appliances for fear of it saying, “I want you to X more often.” But, how about one that says, “We don’t use the kitchen as often as this stove implies, nor should we!”

Romantic Restaurants in Long Island

If you’re looking for a more simple, one-off valentine’s day outing, choosing a romantic restaurant in Long Island is not difficult. Regardless of the cuisine you or your significant other are looking for, there’s no need to trek into NYC as there is a plethora of fine dining available in Nassau and Suffolk counties. A few of our favorites include…

  • Harvest on Fort Pond (Montauk):  Waterfront views and Long Islandd’s finest seafood.
  • Prime Restaurant (Huntington):  Traditional romantic setting with various rooms including a vine room, outdoor deck, sushi bar and lodge.
  • Maroni’s (Northport): An eclectic Italian restaurant in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Bistro Etc. Restaurant (Port Washington): New American style cuisine and an exclusive Valentine’s Day menu.
  • Bistro 44 (Northport): An elegant and warm setting with reasonable pricing.


Make Room for Gifts with Local Storage

Many of the best Valentine’s Day presents mean out with the old and in with the new. If you need extra storage space until you decide if that old box of mementos is trash or treasure or whether or not your kid is really going to return for his things, check out our storage units in New York and Long Island to find out how we can accommodate your storage needs!