The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Long Island

While Long Island has long been associated with traffic-logged expressways, the cold pizza slice and the Cheesecake Factory, there is so much more to it.

The 118-mile island includes the boroughs of both Brooklyn and Queens, and extends to a gorgeous coastline, rolling farmlands and wineries aplenty.

In this case, it’s no wonder the Long Island food scene is one to be explored, with an incredible array of restaurant options begging to be sampled.

If you’re looking to try some of the top restaurants on Long Island, this guide outlines it all for you.

Eat Your Heart Out at These Restaurants in Long Island

The Long Island food scene has turned a corner in recent years, slowly improving upon tired, old favorite chain restaurants.

Today, Long Island boasts a heady assortment of eateries, ranging from bistros, steakhouses, fine dining establishments, and cafes – you name it!

Sink your teeth into some of these top restaurants on Long Island.

1. Sandbar

Located in the center of Cold Spring Harbor, Sandbar is the brainchild of chef and owner Guy Reuge.

With its smart-casual yacht-club feel, this eatery offers up some of the finest seafood in Long Island. Local produce takes center stage, with a rotating farm-to-table menu featuring American food with a French flair.

Menu items to try: the signature pork chop and Long Island clam chowder.

2. Waterzooi

Take a trip to Garden City and be sure to stop in at Waterzooi, a buzzing mainstay which has been in operation for close to 20 years!

There’s a good reason Waterzooi is considered one of the best restaurants in Long Island two words: Moules Frites.

This menu staple is available in a dozen broth variations and is a consistent crowd pleaser, with hand-cut fries to keep you coming back for more.

Other menu items to try: the Wellington burger, fresh Brussels waffle, and the traditional Belgian beer.

3. Tallulah’s

If you’re looking for an on-trend eatery with a clear focus on both food presentation and divine fresh produce, Tallulah’s is the ticket.

Based in Bay Shore, Tullulah’s is one of New York’s top destination for great food and fantastic drinks.

It must have something to do with its beautifully fresh seasonal menu, al fresco dining (with seemingly unlimited seating!), killer cocktails and beer selection.

Menu items to try: the mac and cheese, their selection of dry-aged meats or a fresh seafood dish.

4. South Shore Dive

If you haven’t stopped by this quirky, lively spot in West Sayville, you don’t know what you’re missing!

South Shore Dive is a combination of a dive bar and trendy gastropub, which produces interesting, yet delicious, gastropub fare.

Aside from its stellar menu selection, the eatery’s beer and cocktail list are what keep locals, and non-locals, coming back for more!

Menu items to try: the duck hotdog, homemade tater tots, and the classic Sarah Jessica Parker cocktail.

5. The Flour Shoppe Cafe

If you’re looking for a charming eatery which serves up equally charming breakfast options, then The Flour Shoppe Cafe in Rockville Centre is not to be missed!

What started out as a bakery, The Flour Shoppe Cafe has been converted into a cozy cafe which serves some of the best breakfasts, lunches, and dinners on Long Island.

Adopting a farm-to-table approach by using only fresh, local produce from suppliers such as Stumptown Coffee and Satur Farms, expect delectable food.

Menu items to try: the fried breakfast poutine, the Florentine tartine, the homemade granola and any of their freshly baked goods.

6. Off The Block

Meat lovers, this one’s for you. Off the Block, located in Sayville, is a beautiful marriage of Stephen Rizzo’s very own butcher shop and restaurant.

If you’re a true meat snob, then Off the Block is a real treat. Here, you’re able to choose your own cut of meat and have it personally prepared for you, in-house.

The restaurant also features a great selection of locally produced beers, ales, and teas, including the Great South Bay Blood Orange pale ale.

Menu items to try: The apple-glazed Brussel sprouts with bacon bits, the 5-Cut Burger with hand-cut French fries.

7. Grotta Di Fuoco

What’s a list of best restaurants in Long Island without featuring an Italian eatery? Enter, Grotta Di Fuoco.

Located in Long Beach, Andrew Alotti has made it his mission to absolutely nail all the Italian dishes closest to your heart.

With a great selection of classic dishes, prepared to perfection with only the freshest ingredients, Grotta Di Fuoco is a true Italian treat.

Wood-fired pizzas are a staple on the menu, while the cocktails and desserts will not disappoint!

Menu items to try: the charred octopus, homemade veal cheek ravioli, and baked cannelloni.

8. Salumi

At first, Salumi may appear unassuming, but its worth its weight in gold when it comes to its incredible tapas and wine selection.

Located in Massapequa, Salumi is laid-back, friendly and served by some incredibly knowledgeable staff who are happy to help with your tapas selection.

At Salumi you have the chance to slow down, take a load off, and eat at your leisure.

Create your own meat and cheese board from the vast selection of Spanish and French spread of meats and cheeses, or gorge yourself on freshly made tapas.

Menu items to try: the famed pork belly bocadillo, the braised oxtail, and freshly made empanadas.

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