Top Six Dog Parks in New York City

Dog lovers rejoice! If you’re moving to New York City, you’ll be glad to hear that the city is canine-friendly, with plenty of things to do with your pet. Your canine companion will love these dog parks for a quick or extended outing.

1. Madison Square Dog Run

With over seven acres of green space and trails, your dog is sure to enjoy an outing any day of the week. With statues, monuments, two water features and graced by some of New York’s most iconic architecture, this one-of-a-kind park is a great outing any time you and your pet need a break.

The park has everything you need, from lawns and fountains, a playground for children, and even a food court where you can grab a pick-me-up. The park is open from 7 am to 11 pm daily.

2. Riverside Park

Riverside Park boasts five dog runs which are perfect for letting your dog off his or her leash for a much-needed run. Part of the more massive Riverside Park, you’ll find winding paths, rock outcrops, all with a natural appearance. Riverside is also home to 15 playgrounds, water features (including a water-shooting hippo), and even a replica of the Hudson River. The park’s riverfront Esplanade offers a spectacular unobstructed view of the Hudson River, making it a perfect outing for the entire family.  

3. Peter Detmold Park

For a smaller, quieter place to take your pet, check out this neighborhood gem. This park has a wooded area featuring a waterfront walkway and an off-leash dog park.

4. Chelsea Waterside Dog Park

Boasting fresh running water and play features for dogs, this park allows your pet to climb, run, and jump to their heart’s content. Your dog is sure to enjoy a day of exercise. Keep in mind that Chelsea isn’t a playground for children, so if your little ones are tempted to climb with your pet, it’s best to find another park.

5. Central Park

One of the most popular parks in the world, this massive preserve is filled with breathtaking views, fascinating people, and activities. Bring your dog along to enjoy the park as well. Dogs are welcome in many areas of the park but must stay on a leash in most areas. However, 23 areas within Central Park are accessible for off-leash fun!  Before 9 am and after 9 pm, dogs may run freely with other canines and play in any of the 13 beautiful dog fountains! This is a popular place to meet up with other dog lovers and enjoy the great outdoors!

6. Hillside Dog Park

If you’re living in or just headed to Brooklyn, be sure to check out Hillside Dog Park. With plenty of shade, Hillside is an excellent choice for hotter weather. It also has plenty of space to get away for a little quiet time with your canine companion.

Want to find out more about your dog parks in the city? Be sure to visit the official New York City Parks website at: