How to Throw the Best July Fourth Party in Your New Home

How to Throw the Best July Fourth Party in Your New Home

With early Summer being one of the most popular times to move on out, you should be excited.. Because it’s time to break in that new place with a killer July Fourth Party! Whether you have just moved or are planning on making the move soon, here’s how to set up your place for a great time.

Arrange the Furniture Properly

To make sure there’s enough room for all the guests to dance and mingle, do a little renovating before the big day. Even if this just means moving some lawn chairs, the more space you free up for guests the better.

Prepare a Menu that Suits Even Picky Eaters

July Fourth Party Snacks
Don’t forget to cover the barbeque basics (i.e. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers) but be weary of guests who might be coming with different needs. Make sure to provide at least one vegetarian/vegan option for guests, even if it means a colorful salad before the main meal.

Make a Bumpin’ Playlist


For this one, it might be a good idea to look at your guest list again. Is it mainly families with young ones, or exclusively adults? We recommend a good mix of newer songs and classic “throwbacks,” that way every age group at your party is happy and ready to jam out!

Make Sure Guests Are Busy

July Fourth Party Activities
Part of being a good entertainer is keeping your friends and family from dozing off after an hour or two. Make sure to set up a few activities for guests if they get bored easily (especially the kids!) Some party planners go as far as hiring professional entertainers for their July Fourth party. For cheaper options you can purchase some lawn games or rent a Slip n’ Slide or Volleyball net for the day!

Make the Decorations..and Well, Everything, Red White and Blue!

July Fourth Party Decorations
If there was ever a day to go all out with the decorations- it’s definitely today! Deck your place out in streamers, and anything that involves some stars and stripes. If you include red white and blue drinks for the adults or patriotic Ice Pops for the kids, your soiree will surely be a huge hit. ‘Murica.

Are you ready to move on out before the holiday?

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