Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips from Liberty Moving will Make Your Move Easier

Spring Cleaning Tips from Liberty Moving Makes Your Move Easier
March 20th marks the first day of spring and there’s no better way to welcome in the season than with a fresh, clean home. Ready to buff your home from top to bottom? Here are some spring cleaning tips from Liberty Moving that’ll make the yearly chore feel like a breeze:

1. Doormats
Shake, wash, and swat them with a broom. Give the toughest cleaning they can take so they are welcoming as ever.

2. Carpets
Fabrics that have absorbed the dirt and germs of the winter season will need a deep cleaning to be prepared for another year of wear. Instead of hiring a pro, create a white vinegar and baking soda mixture to clear stains for a bright, fresh carpet ready to last all spring long.

3. Floors
Wax or apply a sealer to your floors to protect them from damage. The simplest method would be to use a combination wash-and-wax floor cleaner to get the job done more efficiently.

4. Refrigerator
The best combination is a soda water & salt mixture that will make your fridge look squeaky clean.

5. Sinks
If there is a lime build up around your faucet, soak paper towels in vinegar and set over the fixtures for one hour. The deposits will become softer and easy to remove. (This tip also works on bathroom showerheads and drains)

6. Windows
Use a rag and some soapy water to get rid of any marks or residue, and then dry them with another clean rag. Hint: windshield suqeegees work wonders, as well!

7. Comforters, Blankets, Pillows
They may not need a deep clean, but it is always good to air them out after being closed up for long months in your home. Hang them outside on a clothesline for the day and they’ll look and feel good as new.

Moving during the Spring?
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