Spending Thanksgiving in NYC

Thanksgiving Events in NYC

One of the most exciting places to be over Thanksgiving is New York City. People come to the city from all over the world to enjoy events such as the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, but this isn’t the all that  is involved with a NYC Thanksgiving. What better place is there in the world than New York to start your holiday shopping? Of course, there are plenty of other Thanksgiving events in NYC both in and out of the Macys parade route including:

  • Special Holiday Sales,
  • Restaurant specials,
  • Deals on museum admissions
  • Thanksgiving and Holiday Themed Shows

Freeing up Space for Your Family Over Thanksgiving

For many, a few days in the city isn’t enough. If you are looking to spend a little extra time around the town this year, or if you’re considering a move to the area, you’ll need to find something to do with your stuff. Instead of tripping over your purchases in your hotel or short term NYC apartment or room rental, you might want to check out some local storage options. Those who are heading back to other places across the country and world can ship their items on to their homes instead of trying to bring everything back on the plane.

Liberty Moving and Storage is one great option for those looking to make a move or a move to NYC. Many people who do make the move, find that the limited space in many New York apartments means that some of their things may need to go into Brooklyn storage so they can access what they need when they need it, rather than giving up what they enjoy just for the sake of saving space. There are so many times when it is necessary to set limits, why not buy freely while you have the chance? Who wants to miss out on a great deal just because they don’t have a place to store purchases?

Liberty Storage isn’t limited to just a fixed box that stores everything the same. In addition to container storage, we also offer mobile storage options, and can include fine art or staging supplies for interior designers. To learn more about your options for storage in NYC long or short term contact Liberty Moving and Storage today.