Shipping Electronics

In today’s world of increasing technology, shipping electronics is a common need for both individuals and businesses. This may include shipping servers, computers, copiers, printers and other computer equipment, for office moving or residential moving. Maybe you just need to ship one or two pieces of electronics, which you may be able to transport yourself or through a shipping service. Or maybe you’re a business owner looking to relocate, in which case you’ll want to hire a moving company that specializes in office moving. Either way, it’s crucial that you research the safest way to ship your electronic items to avoid any potential damage.

shipping electronics

Ship Electronics Yourself

If you’re an individual looking to ship one or two pieces of electronics, you may decide to pack and ship it on your own to save some money. This may seem like a feasible plan, but you should consider a few things beforehand. What type of electronic(s) item are you trying to move? A desktop computer or small to medium sized TV could be transported in a car, if handled with proper care and packaging. If you decide to take this approach, it’s suggested that you use original packaging, if you still have it, and cushion the item with bubble wrap or packing paper. Other materials such as a towel or blanket may also suffice. You should also strap down the box, especially if you’ll be traveling long distance. Even so, all it takes is one big pothole and your item could suffer damage. If the electronic item is old or inexpensive you may take the risk, otherwise its suggested to use a shipping service or moving company when shipping electronics.

Ship Through FedEx or UPS

There’s also the option of using a shipping service like Fedex or UPS to ship your electronics. This is a good option if you don’t want to be responsible for any of the packing, labeling or transporting of the item, however it will be expensive. Shipping servers through a shipping or moving company may be smarter than moving it on your own because of the weight and the significance of the information and data stored on it. FedEx freight is a service that one could use when shipping servers, in which the server is boxed and tied down to a wooden pallet and delivered on a freight truck with a trailer. UPS also offers services to move electronic items. No matter what shipping service you decide to use, be aware that once you give them your item, its care is out of your hands, literally. Make sure that the service will be placing a cautionary sticker on the packaging of your item. Even so, “Fragile”, “Handle With Care”, or “Computer–Don’t Drop” stickers, do not 100% ensure that your electronic will be handled properly.

Ship Through A Moving Company

Lastly, you may want to hire a moving company when shipping your electronics. Whether you’re an individual or a business, most moving companies have specialized services for computer equipment moving and shipping servers, computers, TV’s and the like. If you’re an individual and you’re relocating yourself or your family, you will need to move boxes of belongings and furniture anyway, so finding a moving company who will also ship your electronics is ideal. Office moving requires the movement of computer equipment, along with furniture and workstation moving and file moving. In this case, the business that is relocating should hiring a moving company who can handle all types of items with specific safety and care. When evaluating if the moving company is adequate in shipping electronics, you may want to call them and ask about their business moving services. Most companies who specialize in computer equipment and electronic moving will have a detailed process that they follow. If you decide to move with Liberty, our team will be following the steps listed below. No matter what moving company you decide to use, see to it that their employees have the proper training to handle such important items.

Liberty’s packing process for computers and sensitive electronic equipment:

1. Bubble wrap and label pieces: Liberty will carefully bubble wrap the individual components of your computer systems and electronic equipment. After pieces are wrapped, a packing specialist will place a colored tag on the item that corresponds to the number assigned to that employee.

2. Pack peripherals into computer bags: Your keyboard, mouse, wires and other miscellaneous PC items will be placed in clear plastic computer bags labeled with the designated destination tag visible.

3. Blanket wrapping and placement in bin: After items are bubble wrapped, the packing specialist will place items into ¼ inch corrugated bins. Upon completion of one layer, blankets will be used on top of that layer to protect against the items packed on top.

4. Tagging the bins: The packing specialist will write assigned numbers on computers on Liberty moving tags and place them on the short side of the bin. The bin is then sealed and rolled to desired location. Note: Packing specialist will place computers with common destination areas in same bins.

Moving Your Electronics with the Utmost Care and Concern

Here at Liberty, we provide customers of all types with quality care and assurance when moving computer equipment and electronics. The perfect option for our residential customers is the Liberty Moving & Storage White Glove Moving Service, in which our highly trained team handles high value items such as HDTV’s and computer equipment. We also offer various types of commercial moving services including office moving, warehouse moving and specialized moving services, such as installation, disposal liquidation, asset recovery and school and library services. Whether you’re in need of office moving for a business or a household, Liberty is ready to assist you.