Selling Smart: How to Keep the House Show-Ready (with kids!)


Selling your home and keeping it “show-ready” is not an easy task for anyone, but when you throw a teenager, some toddlers, and a baby into the mix – your stress level is bound to go through the roof. But have no fear, Liberty Moving & Storage has the tools to help you keep the kid clutter under control and ease the process for the whole family.

  • Clean Before Bed: It’ll make your life easier if the house is tidied up before the kids head to their bedrooms. When you wake up the morning of the showing, you will have less to do and feel much more stress-free.
  • Eat In One Place: If your kids are used to snacking and dining in places other than just the kitchen, it only leads to more messes to clean up. It may not seem like a big deal, but if you limit your children to eat only at the kitchen island for example, you’ll have less to sweep, mop, and vacuum!
  • Meal Prep: Sunday’s are a great day to go grocery shopping and cook a few meals for the week. This means less mess in the kitchen and more time for you to relax and focus on other things.
  • Contain It: Keep an extra tote, bag, or laundry bin handy at all times. Right before the showing, grab it and toss in any extra clutter from the counters or floors. A pretty basket is definitely more appealing than a pile of mess!
  • Extra Supplies: Having a small bin of cleaning supplies in the bathroom and kitchen makes cleanup before someone comes over a much smoother process.
  • Get Out: Once your home looks great and your kids are ready for the day, get out! Bring the kids to a park, play outside, and plan activities that minimize their time inside the home so they’re not as inclined to pull out toys.

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