How Residential Moving Services Make Your Move Easier

How Residential Moving Services Make Your Move Easier

Chances are, you’ll have to move at least once in your adult life. It happens so often that one in six Americans move each year!

Moving can be fun. Well – the end result, that is. Once you’re at your new home, it’s like you have a fresh start with lots of new things to see. Preparing for a move, though, takes a little bit of work.

Are you really excited to lug heavy boxes around?

If you’re considering tackling it all on your own, stop and read this list. We’re counting all the ways residential moving services make your life so much easier.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Others

Let’s get one of the most obvious reasons to hire residential moving services out of the way first.

Unless all of your furniture is inflatable and your only possession is a feather, your stuff is going to be heavy. If you try to lift lots of heavy boxes on your own, you put yourself at risk for hurting your back (among other injuries).

Kick back, relax, and leave the heavy lifting to the pros!

Your Valuables Are Insured

Let’s say you’re moving on your own. You drop your TV and – crash – you break it. Now what?

If you’re by yourself, your TV is toast. But with movers, if they break anything of yours, at least you’re insured, because movers typically insure their services. As such, your valuables are safe when you hire a reputable moving company.

The Right Equipment

Borrowing your cousin’s truck seems like a good idea at first…and then you realize how much equipment you need.

Things like dollies, straps, and palate jacks are all necessary for a successful move. You could rent each one out, but why waste money?

When you use residential moving services, they’ll bring their own and save you all that hassle.

Residential Moving Services Are More Efficient

Think about your job. You’ve spent hours, days, and years performing it and you know it like the back of your hand.

Now think about someone else without any prior experience coming in and doing it for a day. They’ll probably do less work in more time because of the steep learning curve.

That’s what it’s like when you’re trying to move by yourself.

Residential moving services are pros. They’re called that for a reason – moving is what they do, day in and day out.

They’ll get your belongings out of your old house and into the moving truck fast.

Why struggle with trying to learn how to load a chest of drawers onto a truck in the most efficient way possible? Make it easy on yourself and call the movers.

Save Your Relationships

Everyone has to ask someone for help with a move at some point in your life. But it can definitely put a strain on your relationships.

Tension can be high when you’re fighting with a sofa down three flights of stairs.

Remember that friend who drove a truck? Everyone assumes they’re going to want to spend their weekend helping to move heavy boxes.

Don’t be that person.

Residential moving services not only help take care of your move, they’ll also save your relationships with your friends and family.

Free Up Time

There’s a lot going on during a move. You need to set up utilities, get your cable and Internet going.

If you’ve got a family, it’s important to spend time acclimating and getting used to your new digs.

When you hire professional help, you’ll have more time to focus on those things – and any other little thing that needs your attention.

Save Money

You might think that it’s expensive to hire professional residential moving services, but it can actually end up saving you money in the long run.

How is that possible? Let us explain:

Many times, we forget about all of the little costly details of moving.

Remember how we mentioned the equipment you’ll need? That’s one expense. Factor in things like gas, truck rental, and things like dinner for anyone who helped and you’re talking about a serious chunk of change!

With movers, you’ll be paying an agreed-upon price for their services. You won’t be dealing with hidden costs that can pop up when you go it alone.


Because movers have handled this sort of thing before, they can perform a professional inventory service for you.

No more leaving something behind or getting items mixed up. They know how to track and ship all of your items safely and efficiently.

Packing Supplies

Ever carted home cardboard printer paper boxes from work? Or worse – been dumpster diving behind a grocery store for boxes?

How about running out of packing tape while finishing boxing up your dishes and silverware? Talk about frustrating!

Residential moving services have proper packing supplies on hand. Save yourself the hassle of having to search for boxes of keep tons of tape on hand.


Let’s say you do reach out to a few friends and family. Then someone – or more than someone – bails on you.

Now you’ve got fewer people to help, putting a strain on everyone involved.

Trucks break down, people bail, and items go missing. Again, it’s all understandable, but it makes moving day that much more stressful. Things like this happen – but not when you hire professional movers.

Don’t worry about things falling into place – hire reliable professional movers and take it easy.


Professional residential moving services are ultimately held responsible for whatever happens along the way.

When you go it alone, you can’t guarantee all of your belongings will make it. If you forget something, it’s on you.

When you bring in the pros, they’ll work to ensure every last box arrives at your new place.

Take the Stress Out Of Moving – Go With the Pros

At some point in our lives, we realize that there are things we’ve made harder on ourselves. Moving is one of those things.

Hire experienced professionals and make moving fun again. Don’t wait – get your free quote today!