Case Studies:

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Case Studies – Corporate Logistics

Case: The Conan O’Brien Show

Origin Location – 30 Rockefeller Plaza 9 West New York, NY
Destination Locations – 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Square Footage – 25,000 square feet

Number of Move Phases – 2 phases

Scope of Work Performed
Liberty Moving and Storage was hired by NBC Universal to move the entire Conan O’Brien Show out of New York City to a new facility in California.

After analyzing the floor plans at the Show’s new location in California, the Liberty project management team created an elaborate tagging and inventory plan to ensure that all show items were properly identified according to their placement at the various floors/rooms at destination. Colored tags and a numbering system was utilized to account for all items being handled.

One of the hallmarks of this project was the extensive amount of specialized packing performed by Liberty. Liberty provided packing services for the archive tape library, the show wardrobe, the band instruments and a wide array of high value props used during the Conan O’Brien Show. Many of the items packed up were extremely valuable and of unconventional dimensions. In addition, Liberty packed up all of the private offices of the executives involved in the show, including Conan O’Brien.

Result: A total of 5 tractor trailer loads of product was carefully inventoried, packed and transported to California. All goods arrived at the new location on time and in perfect condition.

The Case: Coach Archive Room

Origin Location – 516 West 34th Street New York, NY 10001
Destination Location – 510 W 34th St. New York, NY

Square Footage – 10,000 square feet

Number of Items – Over 6,200 individual products

Scope of Work Performed
Liberty Moving and Storage was contacted by Coach to move the entire archives of every Coach item ever produced since 1941. Liberty Vice President Anthony Federico was called in to survey over 6,200 individual Coach items that needed to be inventoried, packed, moved and unpacked over a 4 day time period. Coach had an office mover that they used for small office moves; however, they called Liberty in because they required a “white glove” moving specialist with experience in handling high value product.

A relocation and tagging plan that involved various phases of packing, moving and unpacking. The Liberty Project Management Team created a tagging plan to identify where each item needed to be placed in custom display cases at the new temporary archive location. Since the product archive was extremely valuable (close to $1 million in value), the following protocol was used for all items:

  • All items needed to wrapped in acid-free white tissue paper
  • All movers had to use white gloves at all times for handling product
  • All Coach items needed to be individually packaged in containers
  • All items needed to be inventoried before being placed in a container and then the container tagged with an ID number.

The Result – The Liberty move team completed the project in 4 days (as planned) with no incidence of damage, loss or theft. Coach staff were extremely impressed with the level of service and professionalism. Liberty will do it all again after the space is renovated in the summer.

Case: Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC)

Origin Location – Garden City, NY and New York, NY
Destination Locations – Tampa, Florida

Number of Employees – 400 Employees

Duration of Project – 10 Months

Scope of Work Performed
Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC) contracted Liberty United to assist them in the relocation of their IT Department and IT Maintainance Departments from New York to Tampa Florida. The move entailed the relocation of over 400 employees over a 10 month time period.

The Liberty Project Team met with DTCC representatives in advance to develop budgetary figures for this mass relocation project. Liberty created a customized employee benefits package to suit the needs of DTCC. The package included:

  • Car Transportation Services
  • Full Packing and Crating Services
  • Disassembly and Reassembly Services
  • Guaranteed 1 Day Pick Up and Delivery
  • CBS Billing Through United
  • $100,000 Full Replacement Valuation

Liberty assigned a dedicated move coordinator with over 20 years national account experience to oversee the DTCC project.

All 400 DTCC staff members were successfully relocated to the new facility in Tampa, FL with minimal disruptions, damages or incidents.