Office Moving: What to Consider

Moving your company can at first seem daunting, but with a solid plan and the right moving company you can make a smooth transition to your company’s new home. Office moving begins and ends with organization. Treat the move like you would any company project and place a responsible staff member in charge. This employee should be highly organized, familiar with all departments, and prone to making lists. With so much to consider when vetting movers, we consulted with several experienced industry professionals on how to begin the process.


Your Office Moving Checklist

Talk to Office Moving Specialists

You don’t want an inexperienced company making you nervous about the move. Search online for moving companies that specialize in office moving services. Use resources such as the BBB and make sure you select companies with positive ratings and reviews.

Check Insurance Requirements

Before you even meet with a moving company, ask your building manager about the minimum insurance requirements for contractors and vendors. This will eliminate companies that are underinsured and cannot even take on your job, saving valuable time and effort.

Compare Estimates

Get at least three written estimates/proposals only from companies willing to give you a free on-site survey. It’s impossible for a company to provide you with an accurate price and move plan if they haven’t seen what you’re moving and the office you’re moving from.

Talk to the Moving Team

Moving companies that specialize in office moving services should also be asking you questions. The best, well prepared movers will want a floor plan of your new office, a list of your employees for tagging and marking, and a timeline so your business can hit the ground running in the new office.

Coordinate with All Contractors

If you have other contractors besides the moving company (such as IT professionals, cleaning, and construction crews) working onsite, provide them all with a work schedule/timeline so everyone can stay organized and not get in each other’s way.

Involve Management

Have a meeting with management so you can figure out which items are going to the new office and which are being disposed of. This will make sure that no unnecessary items are moved and the proper items are disposed of, saving you time and money.

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