NYC Moving Guide

So you have selected your NYC mover and your moving date is set, you’re all ready to pack and get things going, but what do you do next? Follow these 5 steps and be stress-free on moving day.

NYC Moving Guide

NYC Moving Guide: The 5 Steps to Moving Day Success

Step 1: Talk to Building Management

Many apartment buildings in NYC have regulations for moving that their tenants must follow. Before moving day, be sure that the moving company you selected offers at least the minimum insurance requirements. The highest quality moving company in NYC could still experience issues during the moving process, so you’ll want insurance in case of any mishaps. Next, you should speak with building management to see if there is a loading dock for the moving truck to utilize on the day of the move. They may also have elevator restrictions for moving companies which require a reservation. Therefore, knowing the time that the moving crew is going to arrive is essential. After you address building regulations, you can collect the supplies needed to pack your items.

Step 2: Collect the Necessary Packing Supplies

The second step you’ll want to take when preparing for your move is to collect the necessary supplies. You’ll need various types of boxes to pack your items depending on their height, weight and shape. You can acquire moving supplies from the moving company you selected, or you can purchase them on your own from home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes. Moving companies tend to charge more for supplies than home improvement stores, however it may be a more convenient option if you are under time constraints. If you decide to purchase moving boxes on your own be sure that they are the correct type for the items that you are packing. Boxes come in many sizes, such as 3.0 cubic feet and 4.0 cubic feet for medium and large items. Wardrobe boxes are also available to hang clothes. Additionally, items such as books and files are difficult to move due to their quantity and weight. Therefore, you’ll want to buy book boxes and banker boxes to make the move quicker and easier. Now that you have supplies, you can organize your belongings.

Step 3: Group and Organize Your Items for Packing

The next step in your move involves organizing your belongings into those that will be discarded and those that will be moved to your new home. First, you’ll want to reduce clutter by getting rid of items you don’t need. Many of these items can be sold or donated to charities. Have a garage sale or use Ebay for items that are relatively new and of high value. If you choose to donate, Big Brother Big Sisters is a great organization that collects clothing and distributes it to children facing adversity. After you’ve grouped your items, clean the ones that you’ll be bringing with you for sanitary reasons. Once you’ve done this you can begin packing your items into boxes.

Step 4: Pack Your Belongings Safely and Responsibly

Finally, you can start packing for your big move in NYC. Although it may take time to plan and organize the move, you don’t want to save packing until the last minute. A little packing each day leading up the move will be a lot less stressful. Before packing, make an inventory list of all the items you’ll be bringing so you know what to expect when arriving to your destination. Now that you have boxes, you can label them by item type and put the corresponding items into each box. If you have any art work or breakables, research the correct way to pack them before you break a highly valuable possession. If you don’t feel comfortable packing such items, moving companies will gladly assist you and ensure the safety of your valuables. After you finish packing, you’re ready for moving day and you can relax a little bit.

Step 5: Confirm With Your Moving Company

Although you’ve finished all the labor intensive steps to moving, you need to contact your NYC moving company before the day of the move to confirm the time and address. Most moving companies will reach out to you the day before the move, but if they haven’t, take it upon yourself to call for some peace of mind. You should verify the payment options that the moving company accepts and make sure you’ve filled out all of the necessary paperwork. You should also check that the correct number of workers will be coming. While on the subject, you can ask them about their policies on tipping.


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