New Law: Electronics Recycling in NYC

Electronics Recycling

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With the pace of technological advancement, it’s safe to say you probably have an area of your home that is cluttered with old electronics. But what do you do with your old or broken cell phone, laptop, tablet, television, DVD player, printer or any consumer electronic? It makes no sense to transfer this clutter to your new home, but in New York City it’s illegal to throw consumer electronics in the trash. There’s plenty of advice on what to get rid of when moving, but not how. Let us walk you through the process:

What is the new recycling law?

As of January 2015, you can no longer dispose of consumer electronics in curbside trash pickup in NYC. If you don’t comply you can receive a summons. Pretty much every electronic device aside from household appliances, light bulbs, and batteries must be recycled.

Why is this a new law?

Electronic waste is a major environmental issue. It’s actually the fastest growing solid waste in the world. E-waste also contains many hazardous materials that shouldn’t be buried in a landfill. These include mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, chromium, and flame retardants, all of which when buried, leak into our water supply.

However, not all is E-waste is hazardous. E-waste also contains many precious materials, which when recovered and recycled, can be used to create new electronics. These include aluminum, copper, gold, silver, and plastics. Reusing all of these materials conserves the energy used to create new equipment. Also, tons of E-waste is still usable and can be donated to one of the many charities and organizations that pass on ready-to-use or refurbished electronics to those in need.

How do we recycle electronics?

Several locations accept E-Waste, from local retailers like Best Buy to charities like the Salvation Army. There are even places like the E-Waste Warehouse in Gowanus which accepts drop-offs. If you’re an E-Waste hoarder or a business needing to dispose of a significant amount of e-waste, this would be a great option, along with any R2 and ISO 14000:1 certified recycles.

If an e-waste recycler is R2 certified (which isn’t easy to get), they have a ‘no landfill policy’ and all their material is processed, recycled, and sold off to R2 certified downstream vendors. Aside from these options, call your landlord, many apartment buildings are participating in E-Waste pickups and consumer electronic donation drives.

At Liberty Moving we take pride in reducing waste. Aside from a line of green packing materials we offer, we participate in proper E-Waste disposal. When we have to discard electronics, they are always brought to an E-waste recyclers.

Liberty ensures secure and environmentally safe disposal of your obsolete electronic equipment, including servers, desktop hardware, printers and faxes, consumer electronics, communications equipment and parts/surplus inventories.

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