Moving as Told By the Cast of “Friends”

Moving as Told By the Cast of “Friends”

We know, moving doesn’t  always end up being  the walk in the park you expected it to be. In fact, if you aren’t prepared and don’t have the right moving company by your side, it can be a little stressful. Lucky for you, the cast of “Friends” knows exactly how you feel as you go through this exciting and emotional process!

When You Finally Find the Perfect Place to Move

After spending hours looking up local listings and going on countless tours, you’ve finally found your dream home! You’re celebrating like:

finding a new home

Finding a Moving Company You Can Trust

So many names, so many options, you start to lose it a little.

moving is stressful

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Deciding You Want to Pack by Yourself: Expectations

You trust your judgment and decide that you can do this all by yourself like:

trying to move yourself

Packing all by Yourself: Reality

You thought you had this all under control, but now you’re just procrastinating like:

moving and packing

When You Realize Moving Means Leaving All Your Neighbors

Moving to a new place means leaving behind all your neighbors.. Don’t worry, you can still come back and visit!

moving and leaving your neighbors

That Little Wave of Panic You Have the Morning of Moving Day

You’ve been waiting weeks for this and still don’t feel ready.

the panic of moving sets in

Trying to Help with the Move but Realizing You Haven’t Hit the Gym in a While

It’s ok, with professionals like the ones here at Liberty, you can take the easy route like Joey.

moving takes hard labor

Trying to Get Everything in Place in a Timely Manner

We know, you don’t want to be doing this all day. You start giving orders to your crew like:

friends help with moving

And of Course, There’s Always That One Piece of Furniture that Doesn’t Fit Right

You’ll try to make it fit up the stairs anyway:

moving furniture safely

Admiring How Great the Place Looks After You’re all Settled

Decorated and set up just how you imagined.

relieved after moving

Having Your Friends over the New Place for the First Time

Now that all the hard work is done, it’s time for you to show it off.

house warming party after moving

Looking for a moving company you can trust?

Be sure to get a move on your move and call us here at Liberty Moving to help! Our expert moving staff will make sure you’re not stuck going through this alone. To make our team here at Liberty your new “Friends,” call 1-800-640-4487.