Moving to NYC: What to Know When Hiring a NYC Moving Company

Moving to NYC is an exciting adventure:  The city has so much to offer! But whether you move from across the country or from a neighbor state, there are a few things to consider to when hiring moving companies for your NYC move.

What to Ask NYC Moving Companies


Get at least three in-person estimates from companies that move to New York. Don’t always pick the cheapest quote, do your research and select the NYC moving company which you feel the most comfortable with.


Look before it’s too late. Many moving companies are booked solid the first and last weeks of the month, when a majority of leases begin and end.


Make sure the moving company you hire is professional and insured. Most buildings have minimum insurance requirements for movers. You don’t want to be stuck with an extra bill for damages on moving day. Look at online reviews and make sure previous customers have had a positive experience with the company you wish to move with.


Moving to NYCBefore the Actual Move to NYC

What NYC Moving Companies Should Ask You

Make sure the NYC moving company is asking you questions. Paying for a moving company to just throw your belongings in a truck and drive to your new place isn’t enough. A professional mover will want to know which floor you live on, the building’s hours of operation, and your streets parking rules. Imagine if the company showed up on a Saturday and it’s against building rules to move in that day?


Adjusting to New Standards

Make sure your couch fits through the door before moving all the way to NYC. Have large and bulky items measured beforehand so your NYC moving company can be sure they will fit. Also, bring only what you need. Apartments in NYC aren’t known for having a surplus of space, so make the most of the free space you do have. Throw away or donate what you don’t need before you move to NYC. Anything you can’t part with, try to find a storage solution. You will accumulate new items in your new city anyway. A good rule of thumb is that you should have nothing in your home that isn’t either useful or beautiful. There are many online resources on minimalism and how to declutter your home before moving to NYC.

Pets in NYC

If you have pets, make sure they’re permitted in your new home. Get confirmation from the landlord, not the rental agent trying to convince you to rent the place.

Moving to NYC Day Has Arrived!


Even with the best moving companies in NYC, there are a few items you’d rather take care of yourself. Move anything that is extremely valuable yourself. An accident can happen and even the best insurance can’t recover the loss of a family heirloom, the data on your laptop, or important documents.

You’re Ready!

Relax. If you hire a great, insured NYC moving company and properly prepare for your move to New York, it will be stress-free and one less thing to worry about. You’re most likely about to start a new life, a new job, and have the time of your life in your new city. Enjoy it!

Looking for the Best NYC Moving Companies?

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