Moving to Brooklyn: What to Know

Brooklyn is home to neighborhoods that accommodate a range of budgets, interests, lifestyles and personalities, making it one of the best places to live in New York. With plenty of parks and green space that is a rare find in Manhattan, Brooklyn neighborhoods like Greenpoint and Park Slope offer a much more relaxing environment than their Manhattan counterpart.


Brooklyn New York

Moving to North Brooklyn: Williamsburg & Greenpoint

Neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Greenpoint are very well suited for young professionals. With a wide range of various entertainment options that can suit anyone’s taste, renting in these areas has recently became a major trend among young professionals and newcomers to the city in general.While rental prices are on the rise, there is good reason as the value of these neighborhoods continues to improve. With a recent influx of new shops, music venues, restaurants, bars, and all encompassing events, these neighborhoods are some of the highest in demand in the New York City area.

Moving to South Brooklyn: Park Slope & Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge and Park Slope are ideal neighborhoods for people who are raising a family as they are know for to be very safe and have great school districts. These neighborhoods are also known to be home to a number of historic Brooklyn landmarks that include the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, the Prospect Park Zoo and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.Many people choose to live in these areas because Brooklyn real estate is often much cheaper to buy or rent than places in other parts of the city. There are options in a variety of price ranges, and storage in Brooklyn is widely available for those who do not have room to keep everything at home. In addition, the gentrification of Brooklyn has not been as widespread as in other places in the city, and many neighborhoods remain very closely knit. Small businesses still have a very large presence in the area, and people will quickly get to know their neighbors and local business owners after moving in.Moving to Brooklyn can be one of the best moves that anyone can make, but it always pays to be prepared for what people will find when they get there. Owning a car is entirely optional as it is easy to get anywhere in the city via public transportation by the MTA. There are plenty of job opportunities within Brooklyn as it is a major startup hub with many emerging business’. It is also very easy to commute from Brooklyn into Manhattan where there are many more job prospects. The area is also extremely diverse with people coming there from all over the world in addition to those who have lived there all of their lives.

Making Your Move to Brooklyn Seamless

When planning your move to Brooklyn, you should be focusing on what’s to come and how you’re going to make the most of your new living situation. That’s why having peace of mind about your belongings being moved safely and properly should be an obvious foresight. That is what Liberty is here to help you with. For the past 76 years, Liberty has been dedicated to excellence in moving newcomers to Brooklyn as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. Whether you’re a business that’s relocating, a college student or new family, we can assure you a smooth transition to your new home.


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