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United Van Lines is America’s leading moving company

Liberty Moving & Storage is New York city’s United Van Lines Agent, making us the hub of transport for America’s largest van line in America’s largest city. Serving Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, we are the five boroughs’ link to the rest of the nation. Anyone who has spent time in the Big Apple knows that it takes a different kind of attitude to do business here. Simply put: you need to get things done. Moving companies in NYC need to have the same go-get-em attitude of the people, and that’s what we pride ourselves on having.

The city that never sleeps is always moving, and we are the wheels that keep it driving. We take an affordable, no-gimmicks approach to our moving services in NYC. As an agent of United, we have access to the nation’s largest integrated network of trucks and agents, making us the most extensive and flexible NYC movers option for all of your moving needs.

We realize that moving is about much more than just your furniture and belongings. When you move, you are taking your whole life with you to a new a unknown place. Liberty knows how stressful this can be. The last thing you need is other nyc moving companies making company that makes it harder. Our company does everything it can to make the process as seamless and easy as possible. From computer video-driven first estimates to flexible delivery times, Liberty proves its place atop the list of the best long distance movers in NYC.

About the company

Liberty Moving & Storage was founded nearly 8 decades ago when Michael Federico started a moving company that wanted to help reduce the stress of moving around the city and across country. Movers in NYC at the time(and still now) were mostly about doing things as quickly as possible, caring more about deadlines and heavy fees than taking care of the customer.

New York moving companies come and go, but we’ve been able to stand the test of time by providing a high level of customer service, holding our employees to high standards, and providing New York City residents access to the largest van line in the country.

After thoroughly vetting each employee, we continually train all of our NYC movers to make sure they are up-to-date with safety practices, customer service standards, and moving techniques. To be one of the best NYC moving companies, you’ve got to set standards of excellence and continue to hold them. Being in business since 1939 isn’t easy, but we’ve earned it.

What makes us the best movers in NYC?

Liberty Moving & Storage is one of the best movers in New York City, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Some of the testimonials that we have are very “moving” so to speak. They have praised our NYC movers ability to coordinate long-distance as well as local moves and still pay attention to details, as well as how much attention we pay to the customer. If you’re searching for movers in NYC, looking for the right team to get you where you need to go, then you’ve found the right place. Here are just a few of the praises that have been put upon us by our clients:

  • Courteous- one of our clients was looking for Manhattan movers, and knew that her apartment in Manhattan was going to be a challenge. Not for our guys, though. The team was courteous and professional the whole time, and got her stuff all the way to Pennsylvania without a hitch. She was so impressed that she just had to tell us.
  • Punctuality- one of our clients needed hard-working Queens movers to get a job done. Our guys arrived promptly in the morning and had at it. The whole thing was done, stairs included, half an hour earlier than expected.
  • No-nonsense- the last thing that anyone wants on moving day is surprises. If you’re looking for moving companies in Manhattan or Moving companies in Queens, then you’ll have your pick of the litter, but most will offer the same run-of-the-mill services. Our clients have repeatedly told us how much they appreciate having the truck on time and everything go as planned.
  • Honesty- fair estimates and up-front pricing are a rarity in this business, so when our customers tell us how much they appreciated it, we take notice. Liberty prides itself on being as fair and open as possible. We strive to be accurate with our estimates. From the amount of time it will take to the number of guys needed, pricing, and everything in between.
  • Attention to detail- the devil is in the details or so they say. Long distance movers in Manhattan or long distance movers in Brooklyn usually try to rush everything out of crowded homes. Not our guys. Our clients have praised how we pay attention to items that need special care.

What NY Movers say

“My mother and I have moved many times and used many movers. Liberty has far surpassed them all! From the sales agent to the packers and loaders. All were amazing. We have never seen our items wrapped And protected like this with anyone else. Everyone was friendly, kind, professional and did a great job. They even put floor covering down before bringing my items in. Offered to help with whatever I needed. I highly recommend going with Liberty”

Stacy M
5 / 5 stars
NYC Movers

“This is our 3rd move with Liberty in less than 3 years. They are always professional from start to finish. Their movers are courteous and thorough. We have a large armoire which could not fit through the bedroom door. They disassembled and reassembled it without any problem.

I highly recommend Liberty to anyone who may be moving.”

Camille P.
5 / 5 stars
NYC Movers

“I had an incredible experience with Liberty! From Gary our sales person to Benny and Wally our packers, to Bravo, the foreman of our moving team, everyone treated the job with the utmost professionalism, worked their tails off, were super efficient and neat, and handled everything with care. I would HIGHLY recommend using Liberty for all of your moving needs!”

Dana Capobianco
5 / 5 stars
NYC Movers

What else makes a great moving company?

Great moving companies are few and far between, meaning that if you go with the cheapest company you can find, then you’re rolling the dice. You don’t want unprofessional or inexperienced workers and drivers handling the things that are most important to you in life. It’s important to read testimonials, ask around, check out reviews about moving companies on the web, and do your due diligence to find out what really separates the best New York City moving company from the rest. There are plenty of moving companies in the Bronx, in Staten Island, and in Brooklyn, but when you are in need of movers to take you around the Tri-State Area or beyond, you need the best.

Here’s what to look for in a moving company:

A comprehensive team

There’s nothing wrong with a small operation, so long as they are big enough to get the job done, but what really sets apart and makes us the cream of the crop is a team of properly-trained professionals. The people on their end are going to be handling your valuables and your new life in general. You don’t want to get to the other end and find your things lost, broken, or stolen.

Liberty Moving & Storage is New York City’s link to the nation’s most comprehensive network of trucks and agencies, so with us you know that you are getting high-quality individuals. Each member of our 400-person team is vetted and screened, continually evaluated and trained, and held to high standards. We don’t slack or let things slide. Everyone from the estimators to the packers, from the dispatcher to the director is held accountable for what they do.

A full range of services

When looking for the right team to handle your move, you don’t want people who cover your area. You want local people of course, but movers that go the extra mile. Literally. Long distance movers in the Bronx, long distance movers in Queens, and Long distance movers in Staten Island or any other borough shouldn’t just cover one way and back.

Whether you are looking long distance or local, you want a company that can do it all. Across the country, in the city, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc. Liberty can do it all and regularly does so for our long list of local clients. Not just moves in the Tri-State Area and across the country, but also international moves, too. Like we said, we are the agent for the largest van line in the country. We can do it all, including helping you store your items. Liberty’s comprehensive services also include white-glove moving and New York City office moves!

Local expertise

As much as you want a company that can do it all anywhere in the country, you should also look for a company with comprehensive local knowledge. Navigating New York City takes a special breed. Dealing with the drivers is its own unique experience!

Liberty has been in business for nearly 8 decades in this city. We have become part of the fabric of this town, and that’s for good reason. We know every inch of the city, and know what it takes to get things done here. Ever since we opened in 1939, this company has dedicated itself to serving New Yorkers, and that isn’t going to change.

Competitive rates

When it comes to moving your things to or from the New York area, you want a company that offers competitive pricing and good value. We mention value because sometimes price and value are not the same thing. You should never go with the cheapest option. That is a recipe for disaster. Things rarely come cheap in this city.  New York City movers should be professional, and pros deserve good compensation. That’s why we offer competitive rates. Not cheap ones.

Liberty has fair prices, and more importantly, our prices are transparent and honest. On top of that, they come with a guarantee of good service, professionalism, and the peace of mind that things will get done right. You don’t want to worry that your things might not make it.

We suggest shopping around, and getting quotes from several different companies. One way that Liberty makes it easier on our customers is that we give free quotes. You won’t even have to leave your home! You can use video just to show us the things that are going, the layout of the home, and anything else that you think we might need to know.

Get your free quote from us today and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

A great reputation

Nothing works as well as word of mouth. We can tell you everything about us, but you’d have to take our word for it. Look around on the web and ask people in your network what they think. Who have they used?

Liberty has worked hard to maintain its sparkling track record. We are a company built on returning customers and successful referrals. With a near perfect rating on Google and Yelp, our reputation is well-known across the web. Use the internet to find out as much info as you can about the company you’re looking to use.


Moving to or from New York City and the surrounding area can be hectic. Moving within the city is even harder! We know that you are under a lot of stress already, and we want to make it as easy as possible on you. With a few tips from the professional moving team at Liberty, your moving day can go a lot easier. Doesn’t matter if you are using local movers to change apartments across Manhattan, changing zip codes, states or coasts, these tips for moving day will make your move a lot easier. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information if you ever need it.

#1) Get the right team

We can’t stress this enough. Do your homework, ask around, and make sure you find the best movers in NYC to get the job done. If you go with a bad company, you are going to have a lot of headaches, surprises, and things to worry about. Make sure you get a reputable New York moving company like Liberty.

#2) Make a plan

A great team of movers will know what to do, but to make things easier on yourself make sure to get a plan for your new place. Draw it out and figure out where things are going to go. Knowing where you want everything will make it a lot easier on the movers and on yourselves.

#3) Downsize

Makes sense, doesn’t it? The fewer things you have the easier it is. There’s no point in moving a ton of things you never use. It takes up space in boxes and on the truck, so it costs you more, and it also makes more work for you and the team. Sell, donate, or throw out what you aren’t using. You’ll be happy you did.

#4) Keep entertainment for the kids

If you’re moving with children, then you want to make sure that you’ve got something to keep them busy with all of the work going on around them. We’ve seen plenty of people that packed away all of the electronics and then lived to regret it. Keep a TV plugged in or something for the kids to play so they don’t feel restless. It will make things easier for you.

Moving in New York City might be stressful, but with the right moving company it doesn’t have to be. Liberty Moving & Storage has been the Tri-State Area’s go-to company for local and long distance moves for nearly 8 decades, and we are still going strong today. We want to make your experience as seamless as possible. If you want the perfect move, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

There’s a reason that this city has turned to us for so long for all of their moving needs: because we get the job done right. Professionalism, courtesy, and dedication make up the backbone of our business.

Get Liberty Moving & Storage today.

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