Lawrence, NY Moving Company

Are you in the process of planning a move to Lawrence, New York? This Nassau County village is located next to Bannister Bay, Reynolds Channel, and Brosewere Bay, making it the perfect destination for those looking for a waterfront residence. 

What Makes Lawrence, NY Special?

When in Lawrence, New York, you won’t have difficulty finding an activity to take up your free time; there’s so much to do within the village! If you’re looking for a dinner spot, Lawrence has you covered. Whether you’re looking for dining options that can accommodate your entire family, or you want a restaurant for a cute date night, you’ll have no shortage of options in this village. From Prime Bistro, Traditions, and Sushi Tokyo to Petencito Latin Grill and Tanami’s, you’re sure to find a delicious restaurant that matches the vibe you’re searching for!

Lawrence is home to the Rock Hall Museum, one of the largest pre-Revolutionary War homes in all of Long Island. Constructed in the 1800s, the residency was given to the Town of Hempstead in 1953 and has remained a museum ever since. Offering both guided tours and educational activities for the whole family, make sure to visit the Rock Hall Museum!

If you’re not in the mood to mentally travel back in time to the 1700s, that’s okay because Lawrence offers plenty of other activities and attractions! Five Towns Mini Golf and Batting Range is a great place for the entire family to unwind with some games. Lawrence residents can also easily head over to Woodmere Lanes for some bowling action. 

Shopaholics living in Lawrence should not be worried, as the village has so many retail options. If the Five Towns Shopping Center doesn’t have what you’re looking for, we’re willing to ber that the Bay Harbor Mall will. If you’re looking for some retail therapy, Lawrence, New York might be the perfect spot for you. 

Residential Moving in Lawrence, NY

Many people don’t realize just how stressful and overwhelming the moving process is until they find themselves moving into a new house. There are so many involved steps that take both attention to detail and time. As a homeowner, you’ve already got enough to worry about, including but certainly not limited to packing up your new home, cancelling utilities, finalizing your new residence, and learning your new neighborhood. Why not reach out to the team of professionals at Liberty Moving and Storage for our residential moving services?

Liberty Moving and Storage has been helping families move for decades. First opening our doors in 1939, we have over 80 years of practical moving experience! Throughout this time, we have been able to effectively streamline our entire moving process. Because of this, we are completely confident in our abilities and know that by working with us, you’re moving day will be relaxing and stress-free!

Whether you’re looking for a local moving company to get you moved into the next town over or movers to assist with your long-distance move, we would love the chance to help. Our team of professionals are thoroughly trained on the intricacies of both local and long-distance moving, so we’re confident we’ll be able to quickly, efficiently, and safely get you and your belongings into your new home. 

At Liberty Moving and Storage, we take customer service incredibly seriously. We know that without our loyal customers, we would not have been able to survive our 80+ year history. Because of this, our entire team is completely dedicated to making sure your move is not just successful, but seamlessly executed. Whether you need help creating a moving plan or if you’re simply looking for movers to help physically get your stuff into your new home, let Liberty Moving and Storage be your first choice in residential movers

Commercial Moving in Lawrence, NY

Between its wealthy housing and beautiful, waterfront location, many companies and businesses have been eager to open up shop within the village of Lawrence. If you’re lucky enough to find commercial space, whether it be a physical retail store or office space, do you want to add the stress of a commercial move onto your plate? As a business leader, we’re willing to bet that you already have a plethora of duties to handle, from managing your employees and completing your day-to-day tasks to envisioning your business’s future. 

Many business owners have decided to create a special “Moving Team” within their office to handle the intricacies of their office move. While this does effectively take the stresses of moving off of the owner/manager’s plate, it causes employee productivity to significantly decrease as moving day looms closer. Your employees will be too focused on executing this commercial move to properly perform their daily job functions. 

Instead of taking this whole task on by yourself or throwing it off to your employees, why not hire a team of professional commercial movers to handle your office move? The team at Liberty Moving and Storage offers full commercial moving services throughout the New York area!

One of the biggest hurdles office movers have to face is getting the entirety of your office into the new location. Thankfully for us, Liberty Moving and Storage doesn’t have this issue, as we are a United Van Agent, meaning we’ll show up to your current office with one of our United Vans, load it up, and safely transport everything to your new location. No matter what’s in your office, we’ll be able to get it all moved, even if it’s full of furniture, desks, and technology! 

If you’re in the process of planning a commercial move within the Lawrence area, reach out to the team at Liberty Moving and Storage!

Make Liberty Moving and Storage Your Lawrence, NY Movers

If you’re looking for a New York moving company to get you moved either into or out of Lawrence, New York, why not go with the team of professional movers at Liberty Moving and Storage? With our 80+ years in business, we have more experience than most commercial and residential moving companies in the area. 

At Liberty, we truly believe that no one should have to move by themselves; it’s an easy way to get very stressed out very quickly. Instead, reach out to the team at Liberty Moving and Storage. We’re ready to work with you throughout the entire process, from the planning stages through moving day. Give us a call today for more information!