Liberty Moving and Storage Teams Up with Updater

Liberty Moving and Storage
Teams Up with Updater

Since 1939, Liberty Moving and Storage has been a company name you can trust. We are now partnering with Updater to make your moving experience more effortless than ever!

Most people forget that moving comes with a lot of responsibility besides choosing a moving company and setting a move date. Once the process is set into motion, people run to tell their family and friends about their new home. However, there are other important people and organizations that should be informed about the move such as home service companies. For example, you should pick a cable provider before you move into your new home so you don’t miss the latest episode of Game of Thrones! If you just realized your moving checklist got a bit longer, don’t sweat it. Updater makes moving seamless and eliminates any unexpected stress. Here are some of the features that Updater has to offer.

Updater is an online web application that assists users with the more tedious tasks that come along with relocating their home. Users can easily notify several businesses of their new mailing address with minimal effort. Updater also provides users with information on the best deals in their area for both home services such as phone, internet and cable and retail items. Looking to add personality to your new place? This tool will provide you with names of retailers who are selling discounted furniture and decor. 

Updater also understands the struggle of calling all of those out-of-state relatives while trying to balance all of the other aspects of moving. With a digital moving announcement, you can quickly and conveniently notify any number of people of your big move.

The features mentioned above are just a snapshot of what this service has to offer. According to, 74% of people wish their movers provided additional assistance with the process. If you’re one of these people, Liberty Moving and Updater are the moving services for you. 



Trust Us…We’re Better Than Ever

Our decision to partner with Updater proves that we will do whatever it takes to give our customers a seamless move. Here at Liberty Moving and Storage, we have the local knowledge and expertise to assist you with any type of move. If you’re ready to get on board and make a move, contact us at
1-800-640-4487 today to schedule a free in home estimate. In the meantime, click
here to learn more about what this service can do for you.