Home Buying Tips for Long Island

If you are searching for the perfect home in Long Island, NY, you are not alone. Over 7 million people have made this location into a permanent home as the white sandy beaches and affluent neighborhoods make it an ideal place for hard-working professionals and families to settle down and enjoy the host of amenities New York has to offer without living in the metro area. When you are looking for a house in Long Island, consider these home buying tips so you can find the perfect home that is right for your lifestyle.

home buying tips long island

Check Your Finances

Before you even look at your first house, you need to consider what your finances are so you can select a home that fits into your budget. Clean up your credit report, pay down your debt, and consider what expenses you will have to pay for your new home such as property taxes and insurance on top of the mortgage payments and interest. Then create a realistic financial list on what you can pay for the home, the type of mortgage you can afford and what monthly budget you have to meet. Also, make sure you are preapproved for the mortgage instead of just prequalified as this tactic will give you a leg-up during closing negotiations.

Consider Transit for Commuting to and from NYC

Other house hunting tips to consider is where the house is located based on your present and future lifestyle. Consider what schools are in the area if you have kids or plan on having kids. Also take in consideration the commute to your workplace and your methods of transportation. Knowing the headaches of the morning NYC commute and the best ways to get to work from a desired location can help you pinpoint the right house that allows you to get to work on time. Lastly, consider the types of recreation you like and what shops, entertainment and social events are located in the area.

Size of the Home Matching Your Lifestyle

One of the worst home buying mistakes is purchasing the wrong size dwelling for your family. Remember the same Manhattan apartment hunting tips you used to find the perfect place when you were single and expand on that advice to consider your family and what type of space you need. Ensure you have enough room for your family’s needs, and any relatives who may one day life with you when they retire. Now is the perfect time to also consider what items you will need to move into the home, items you can toss out or donate, and items that can be moved into storage so your new home doesn’t feel cramped with too much stuff.

Have the Home You Desire and the Space You Need

Don’t let your new home feel smaller than the previous place you lived in because of too many items and limited amounts of space. Among other things to consider before moving into a new home, be sure that when furnishing your home, you are aware of the space you need for yourself, your family and also to host friends and family.

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