Here Are the Best Museums in NYC That Are Worth a Visit

You’ve long dreamed of moving to the Big Apple.

Now, the time is right for you to take the plunge — but you want to get to know the city and its incredible history.

The best way to do that is by visiting some of the top museums in NYC.

Read on for a list of museums in New York City you can’t afford to miss out on.

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is one of the best museums in NYC for a reason.

The sprawling collection includes Ancient Roman and Egyptian exhibits, paintings from every imaginable era, and even many furniture collections from days gone by.

After you’ve checked out the permanent collection, make sure you visit the temporary exhibits.

Don’t miss out on the famed Costume Institute, either! Once a year, the Met brings in fabulous historical and designer pieces of clothing united under a common theme. It’s also the home to the famous Met Ball, fashion’s biggest night of the year.

2. The Museum of Modern Art

Obsessed with all things Andy Warhol? Are you always the first person in your friend group to learn about the next prominent artist?

Prefer the excitement and unpredictability of modern art to any other kind?

If so, then the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA to locals) is where you want to go.

In addition to an incredibly impressive permanent collection of Bob Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein, Richter, and more, be sure to check out their film series.

It’s home to countless up-and-coming filmmakers, and also screens classic films that everyone should add to their watchlist.

3. New York Transit Museum

For train and transportation enthusiasts stop in at the New York Transit Museum. Founded in 1976 for a bicentennial celebration this unique museum tells the stories about the construction, evolution, and operation of New York City’s public transportation network.

Located underground in an authentic 1936 subway station in Brooklyn, the New York Transit Museum’s working platform level spans a full city block. One of the highlights of the NYC Transit Museum is its extensive collection of retired subway and elevated trains dating back to 1907. Learn about transportation, stroll the old platforms, and pass through a vintage turnstile.

4. The Tenement Museum

No list of museums in NYC is complete without a mention of the Tenement Museum.

Here, you’ll have the chance to tour historic and restored tenement apartment buildings. You’ll see the conditions new immigrants to NYC lived in, learn from historical re-enactors about their daily life, and appreciate how we live now.

There are several different tour options. You can see what life was like in a shop, understand trade unions, see the inside of a home, and much more.

The museum also hosts incredibly fun parties a few nights a month. You can enjoy lectures, food and drink, and even performances in the apartments and shops.

Visit These Museums in NYC

When you’re ready to move to the big city, visiting the top museums in NYC will help you get to know the five boroughs better than ever.

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