Furnishing A New Home On a Budget

Furnishing A New Home On a Budget

Getting ready to move is exciting and stressful. Many people start on their new home checklist early, arranging for mail delivery, utility hook ups, checking out the neighborhood and schools in the area as well as identifying possible neighborhood hot spots that would appeal to them. If they have small children or pets, they may try to arrange for some help caring for them during the actual move. They could either bring them to a pet or baby sitter, or have someone come along for the move who will be able to divert their attention to a safe area.

Decide What You Want to Move to Your New Home

One thing on the checklist that can sometimes get neglected is furnishing a new home. This part can get expensive, especially if you want to have nice new furniture to go along with your new home. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford the furnish and decorate their whole home with things they have bought new. Make a wish list of what you really want, without regards to budget. This will give you a feel for how you really want your home to look. Even if you can’t afford to directly buy all your dream furniture, keeping the idea in your head will help you get closer to your ideals as you search for more affordable option.

Check With Friends and Family for Used Furniture

Start looking for used furniture. Check with family and friends who may be looking to change up the look of their own homes. Some may have furniture that is in perfectly good condition, or can be easily repaired that they are simply tired of. For that matter, you might have “tired” pieces in your old home too. in many cases you may be able to get furniture that is “new to you.” Just by exchanging what you already have.

Look at thrift shops, consignment shops, flea markets, and local classified in order to find used pieces that are made with quality materials. If you can physically handle the task, tag what you want and arrange to rent or borrow a truck in order to pick up the furniture yourself. This will likely be less expensive than delivery service, if it is even available. You can also work with a quality local movers with a good reputation, like Liberty Moving & Storage, that self insures and will replace any furniture that breaks for its replacement value.

Get a Little Crafty

Often, the structure of furniture is still sturdy, but there may be a few scratches or ripped or dirty upholstery. Don’t let these things deter you from buying a used piece of furniture if you can tell that the “bones” are good. Sometimes, taking something that looks beat up outside and spray painting it or adding a coat of varnish can really revitalize a piece. Reupholstering is another thing that can be done easily, especially when it comes to dining chairs or benches. You can by new fabric, and sometimes new cushions and install these on an old chair with a few nails and a staple gun, putting your own spin on something old.

Buy New Where It Really Counts

Once you’ve saved on furniture by finding and revitalizing many used pieces, take another look at your wish list and the things that are near the top of the list. There are some places where you won’t want to skip, such as your mattress. The fact that you’ve saved in other areas will help you justify spending a little more for quality where it is most important.

Find Fillers

If you have found all the quality used furniture you can, splurged for a couple nice new pieces, and don’t feel as if you have everything you need to function, you can take a look at inexpensive new furniture from discount stores. Choose things that will fit into your decor and serve a function in your home. In most cases, these are not pieces you should expect to last, but they can serve as placeholders  until you find a better alternative.

Decorate to Complete Your Home

When decorating, you’ll want to create a sense of warmth at the front door with inviting colors and plenty of light. Your house or apartment to feel like home from the first moment you step over the threshold. Wall colors should be neutral and flow naturally from one room to another — especially in the common areas of the home. Set up sofa and chairs conducive to conversation. Rugs can be added to help define the seating area, and anchored under the furniture. Mirrors should hang perpendicular to windows to help distribute natural light.

Ready to Move In and Decorate Your New Home?

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