Comparison Shopping Your Move – Part 2

Things Every Consumer Should Know When Looking for a New York Mover

Comparison Shopping

2. Select An Experienced Long Island Mover That Knows The Area and Uses Local Experienced Employees.

Along with the pricing options that local movers offer, customers should also consider the experience and reputation of the company that they hire. You’ll want to trust the people that are handling your items, whether they be of high monetary or high sentimental value. This involves researching all potential moving companies BEFORE you pick them for the move. Some important things to consider are how long the company has been in business, how they employ their packers, movers and drivers, and how they are rated on the Better Business Bureau. Moving companies that have been around for decades are likely well-known and trusted by the community. With years of experience, they know the industry and will have the local knowledge to navigate your move most efficiently. This will also reflect on the experience of their estimators, and their ability to accurately estimate the move while suggesting customized solutions for your particular needs. The moving crew is also an important part of the move, as they’ll be handling your belongings. Always make sure that the local movers you choose employ certified labor that is trained and background checked. Some moving companies will hire almost anyone off the street as cheap labor and will not check their criminal history. Along with being background checked, the packers and movers should be continuously trained in how to safely pack and move your items while also preserving the condition of the furniture and the home itself. Experienced movers will have sanitized blankets, trucks and floor protection that they will use at both origin and destination. And lastly, you should check the reputation of the moving company by looking on the Better Business Bureau for their safety rating. If the local moving company you’re considering is not accredited by the BBB or has a low rating, you will definitely want to reconsider.

Comparison shopping for your local moving company will ensure that you hire the best moving company for you. Your movers should have a solid reputation, years of experience, knowledgeable and trustworthy employees and good intentions when assisting you with your move. Here at Liberty Moving & Storage there is no shortage of experience. We’ve been around 76 years now, and we have the local expertise to prove it. Our move consultants know the industry in and out, and will suggest the best pricing option and services for your particular move. Similarly, our crews have been continuously trained under United Van Lines standards, and are background checked to ensure the safety of both you and your belongings. Our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau stems from our responsibility in providing our customers with seamless relocations whether they be local or long distance.

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