Comparison Shopping Your Move – Part 1

Things Every Consumer Should Know When Looking for a New York Mover

Before hiring a local moving company there are a few things you should know. It is best not to hire the first moving company you discover, but instead to receive quotes from a few different movers to compare pricing and quality of service, just as you would with any other product or service you would buy. Moving is a big event in one’s life, and hiring the right company to assist you in your move can make all the difference. There are many things every consumer should know when looking for a mover, and in our new series “Comparison Shopping Your Move” we will offer your insights into the industry and tips to achieve the best move for you!

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1. Hourly Quotes vs. Flat Rate/Bound Quotes: The Advantages of Bound Pricing

It’s very likely that pricing is a factor in your decision when choosing local movers. There are two common types of pricing that local moving companies offer: hourly rates and flat rate or bound pricing. Not all moving companies offer flat rate pricing, and this is something to inquire about when comparing local movers. It’s important that your moving company gives you options when it comes to pricing because not all moves are the same. For some people an hourly quote may make sense, while for others a flat rate quote would be more cost efficient. If your moving company doesn’t suggest the pricing option that best meets your needs during the consultation, how will you be able to trust them with your personal belongings? Hourly quotes can sometimes be deceiving to customers. For example, with hourly quotes, the weight of your belongings can be low balled making it more than likely your move will cost more than they quote. It’s highly suggested that customers always read the fine print on their estimates and look for hidden fees and overages. On the other hand, flat rate or bound estimates provide the customer with a sense of relief during a stressful time. The estimator and customer decide beforehand who will be taking on certain responsibilities as far as packing and moving each item. As long as the inventory and packing responsibility remains as estimated, with minor allowances of course, the price quoted is the price paid. Packing plays a big part in the difference between hourly and binding estimates. If the movers will be doing a lot of the packing a bound estimate will ensure that the time that it takes them to pack each item securely will not potentially raise the price of your quote.

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